VIDEO New Teen Mom OG trailer with Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd

Teen Mom OG Bristol Palin Cheyenne Floyd

Teen Mom OG will return to MTV on October 1, and MTV just shared the first extended preview trailer that includes both new cast members: Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd!

The minute-and-a-half-plus clip was released by the network on various social media platforms moments ago, with an emphasis on promoting the new cast additions. Here’s the YouTube clip, preceded by MTV’s description:

It’s a whole new Teen Mom OG with new cast members and new obstacles. Bristol Palin and Cheyenne from Are You the One? join the crew with all new challenges. Watch the premiere of Teen Mom OG Monday, October 1st at 9/8c on MTV.

The trailer begins with the three moms that viewers have followed for close to a decade now. Early in the clip we see Taylor McKinney telling his wife Maci that “Ryan called me in a fit of rage,” obviously foreshadowing the incidents leading up to Maci and Taylor filing protective orders against Ryan Edwards. (In Taylor’s filing he cites a phone conversation with Bentley’s dad in which Ryan threatened “to put a bullet in my head.”)

Next we see Tyler Baltierra as he states: “If someone asked me: ‘Are you happy in your marriage’ I would say ‘absolutely not.'” His wife Catelynn Baltierra replies: “You think I’m blind to it all?”

Next up is Amber Portwood, who is shown holding her newborn son James while sitting with James’ dad Andrew Glennon. “I can’t think of anything else but my little family.” There seems to be no indication that Amber and James are having any major difficulties in their relationship, so I’m sure lots of fans (like me) have their fingers crossed that Amber will FINALLY have a positive story on the show.

After Amber, the focus shifts to the new moms.

Teen Mom OG Bristol Palin

“Meet Bristol Palin,” the narrator begins. “She was America’s most famous teen mom.”

We then see a series of clips with Bristol, her children, and her ex Dakota Johnson as she takes over the narration duties. “If my life resonates with somebody else, then I think God gave me a platform to do that. ”

Bristol continues: “My husband Dakota has been struggling with PTSD, and it’s been hard on our marriage…We don’t know how to hold this together…I don’t want to raise my kids to think that this is what a marriage looks like, you know?”

Clearly, Catelynn’s continuing struggles with depression and anxiety — and the impact it is having on her marriage to Tyler — will be at the center of their story this season.

Then the MTV narrator returns to introduce Cheyenne. “And meet Cheyenne from MTV’s Are You the One?” At this point we are shown a series of clips that seem to indicate that a major part of Cheyenne’s story line will be the drama between her boyfriend and Cory Wharton, the father of their daughter Ryder.

Despite the news breaking of Cheyenne’s addition to the cast months ago, MTV only recently confirmed her OG status with an Instagram post welcoming her to the show last week. The confirmation rekindled some fans’ outrage over Cheyenne’s addition because she wasn’t even a teen when she got pregnant. Cheyenne took to Instagram to offer up her response to the backlash:

We are excited to be joining MTV Teen Mom OG! Although I was not a teen parent, I am a young parent and hope that my story and our experiences help other families. Thank you @TeenMom for giving us a platform to bring awareness to @thatsRyderK’s rare genetic condition VLCAD & showing how Co-Parenting can be done harmony. Proud of us @corywharton_ig!

So what are your thoughts? Are you excited to see Bristol and Cheyenne replace Farrah Abraham this season? I’ve been watching this show (and all the surrounding drama) since it first began, and my reaction to the trailer is that I am excited to see Bristol, but Cheyenne and Cory look like the type of people you see on reality shows ALL THE TIME trying really hard to act like reality stars. For that reason, I’m not as excited. Who knows, though, maybe I will change my mind after a few episodes…

Teen Mom OG returns Monday, October 1st at 9/8c on MTV.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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