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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in cooking demo

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is a career-minded young woman. She has obtained her associates degree in culinary arts and is working towards her bachelors in the same. Her two-year-plan includes releasing her first book which is available for pre-order, and she eventually wants to open her own restaurant.

In the vein of culinary arts Farrah has a food blog via her official website and she encouraged readers to send in their recipes. Farrah wrote that she would pick her favorites and she and daughter Sophia would try the treat and post photos online of the results.

On that track I came across two videos that Farrah has uploaded that are demos of her doing cooking tutorials! She’s all food and all business in these two clips as she really works hard on developing her professional skills as a chef and as an on-camera food personality.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in Inspire and Admire cooking video

In the first video which is entitled “Inspire and Admire” Farrah introduces her viewers to mobile salads. She explains that she’s going to take an artichoke, fill it with a solid and then take it outside to eat.

For the filler she includes ingredients such as yellow onion, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado and garbanzo beans among others. The treat looks healthy and delicious and to prove that point Farrah takes a big tasty bite herself.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in Pyramid kitchen cooking tutorial

In the other video Farrah welcomes us to “Pyramid Kitchen” which she calls, “Your source for all five food groups.” The dish she concocts for this clip features lamb, vegetables, tomatoes, rye bread and goat cheese. She throws a food tip out in that adults from 19 to 70-years-old you only need 6 ounces of protein to satisfy their appetite a day.

It’s easy to see that these are early demos but I’m impressed that Farrah is planning for her and Sophia’s life beyond that of Teen Mom. She’s working hard on making sure that she’s able to provide for her family financially when the TV fame fades and in a pretty tasty way too!

Here’s one more shot of Farrah, this time displaying her artichoke:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham cooking

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