More photos of Brandon and Leah Jenner’s baby daughter Eva

Brandon Jenner daughter Eva

I guess it makes genetic sense that one of reality television’s most adorable couples would have one of reality television’s most adorable babies, and such is the case with Leah and Brandon Jenner’s baby daughter Eva.

Earlier today, the dapper-but-dour Brandon posted the photo above, in which Eva was definitely on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum from her pop. Brandon explained the mood discrepancy by writing, “One of us absolutely loves the rain.” I don’t think it’s hard to figure out which one is the fan of precipitation.

New mom Leah shared a separate holiday photo of Eva in which it is clear both mother and daughter feel about Christmas the way Eva does about the rain:

Leah Jenner daughter Eva Christmas 2015

“Christmas morning with the chunk muffin,” wrote Leah, as a cption.

By the way, E!, we’re still waiting on that Happily Eva After spin-off with Brandon, Leah and Eva!

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