PHOTOS Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with Tyga’s baby?

Kylie Jenner pouty lips

According to a source for In Touch, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner is currently pregnant with 25-year-old rapper boyfriend Tyga’s baby. Following the tabloid’s report yesterday, Kylie has posted a couple of photos that appear to be in response to the story.

First, let’s talk about In Touch‘s story, which strangely references itself as a “report” in the title, which is a bit odd. In the article itself they seem to say Kylie’s pregnancy is a fact:

After months of sneaking around and denying romance rumors, Kylie Jenner and Tyga may have to finally come clean about their relationship — In Touch has learned the 17-year-old is pregnant.

Their source says Kylie “just found out,” and adds that “She loves Tyga and sees a future with him. She’s happy.”

And of course mom Kris Jenner is not happy. The source says the momager “was screaming, telling Kylie she was going to kill her and that she never should have let this happened.”

Fast forward less than 24 hours and Kylie’s instagram posts from today:

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First was the photo above, which features Kylie sporting an over-sized jacket hiding her belly — something Kylie isn’t exactly famous for. After that, Kylie posted a photo of her Italian greyhound Norman riding in her lap which she captioned, “Goin to work with mom:”

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Subtle, I know. To be honest, I think Kylie is just trolling the gossisphere — probably because she has gotten tired of responding to these kinds of tabloid reports directly, which she did as recently as December on Twitter:

Of course, her best rebuttal might be this svelte selfie from Saturday:


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In Touch seems to be stepping up their sensationalism game in 2015, especially when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner family! In case you missed it, they made headlines with their cover story this week which features a (very poorly) Photoshopped image of Bruce Jenner as a woman. Perhaps next week’s issue will look a little something like this:

Kylie Jenner pregnant In Touch cover

You saw it here first!

Original Kylie photo from the In Touch parody cover:

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