Moka Blast issues statement after shooting ‘I am ready to face whatever consequences come my way’

Life After Lockup Moka Blast shooting statement

Moka Blast, the manager of Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Michael “Montana Millz” Persaud, has issued his first public statement after he reportedly shot and killed an intruder during a live interview on Wednesday, April 12.

Moka (real name Lydell Birch) shared his statement in his Instagram stories earlier today.

Moka Blast’s full statement

“All Glory to my Goddess

“Just want to thank those who prayed and was genuinely concerned for me. I want to extend condolences to everyone who were affected as this was very unfortunate for all parties involved. 🙏🏽

“Reality television is not my real life existence and for someone to even joke about me getting assasinated was very classless. With that being said I just want to say cherish those that you love and let them know exactly how much they mean to you

“When people think they know you and get ratings of a small window of your existence – I still applaud as I want and need to see you win. The outpouring of concern have been overwhelming and I am ready to face whatever consequences come my way.

“I respect the due dillinfgence by all the bloggers/ media outlets & fans alike of those colorful personalities. Keep up the great work as I admire your gumption. Stay blessed and please be mindful. Salute 🫡”

Moka Blast shooting recap

Moka Blast was doing a remote live interview with Lawd Lukan early Wednesday evening. Moka appeared to be recording from the exterior of house with a wall-mounted television behind him.

Roughly 32 minutes into the interview, a few loud thumping noises can be heard in the background. Moka is then startled when another person shows up, whom you can see reflected in the mounted television screen. Moka stands up, exclaims, and appears to draw a firearm as the video cuts off.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Jason Johansson later confirmed in a press conference on the scene that a man had been shot and killed at a Las Vegas address associated with Moka. In his press conference, Lt. Johansson stated that the victim had allegedly been arguing with a woman in the front yard.

The man reportedly removed a bat from the trunk of a vehicle and began smashing cars parked in the driveway of the residence. He then kicked in the front door and made his way to the back yard where he was shot and killed.

It was later revealed that man who was shot and killed was 37-year-old Lendor Coney Jr. of Las Vegas. Coney and the woman had been in a relationship — it’s unclear what their relationship status was at the time of the shooting. There were two children with the woman when police arrived, but neither of the children were injured.

The woman was described by police as Moka’s girlfriend, and Starcasm exclusively revealed that she is the legal owner of the house where the shooting took place. She’s a 43-year-old divorced mother and school teacher.

Lt. Johansson stated on Friday that the case has been submitted to the Clark County district attorney’s office to determine whether Moka acted in self-defense.

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