Miami Beach Police release 18 more photos from Justin Bieber arrest

Justin Bieber Miami arrest photos

Apparently the Miami Beach Police Department took more photos and videos of Justin Bieber than a backstage fangirl when they arrested the singer back in January for allegedly drag racing while under the influence. The latest batch of Bieber media to be released by MBPD includes 18 photos — mostly of Justin Bieber’s tattoos. (Yes, you read that right: 18 PHOTOS!)

And in case a catalog of tat pics doesn’t quite whet your appetite for Bieber media, earlier today it was announced that additional videos of Justin Bieber after his arrest would soon be released, including two clips of him taking a urine test in which his genitalia can be seen?!? A judge ruled the clips could be released “with sensitive portions blacked out to protect the singer’s privacy.” So do the police video tape the genitalia of everyone arrested for DUI?!?

I’ve been blogging about celebrities for over five years now (I even have a bit of a mug shot/arrest photos fetish) and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this in regards to the number of videos and photos taken and their release to the public.

But I digress…

In addition to the numerous tattoo photos in today’s batch, we also get a new mug shot-esque Biebs shot as well as a full-length photo of him wearing a conservative-cranky-old-man-unfriendly pair of black shin-length black shorts and shirt that looks pretty much like a dress:

Justin Bieber appears to be wearing a dress after his Miami arrest in 2014

Gotta love those red shoes! I’m sure The Biebs is thinking to himself, “There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!”

And here’s the only other non-tattoo snap of Bieber looking a bit weary of the whole arrest process — a stark contrast to his happy-go-lucky mug shot photo:

Justin Bieber Miami arrest photo

The tattoo photos do a great job of cataloging Justin Bieber’s rather impressive collection of tats, and I’m sure will be of great value to Bieber fan sites working on their versions of The Justin Bieber Tattuseum. Here are all of the photos with a brief description underneath each.

Justin Bieber musical treble clef tattoo behind his ear
Justin Bieber tattoo photo 1: Treble clef behind his ear

Click to enlarge:
Justin Bieber love and jester tattoos close up  Justin Bieber arm tattoos love and jester face
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 2, 3: LOVE and jester face

Justin Bieber left arm tattoos BELIEVE eyeball tiger knight etc  Zoomed in view Justin Bieber left arm tattoos BELIEVE eyeball tiger knight etc
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 4, 5: “BELIEVE,” eyeball, tiger, knight, etc.

Justin Bieber leg tattoos  Justin Bieber Jesus tattoo and praying hands tattoo on his leg
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 6, 7: Jesus, praying hands

Justin Bieber Jonathan Livingston Seagull tattoo photo  Justin Bieber topless lifting his shirt
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 8, 9: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Justin Bieber crown tattoo  Justin Bieber tattoo crown close up
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 10, 11: Crown

Justin Bieber Roman numeral tattoo  Justin Bieber roman numeral tattoo 1975 the year his mother was born
Justin Bieber tattoo photos 12, 13: Roman numerals for 1975, the year Justin’s mother was born

Justin Bieber Indian chief tattoo Canadian junior ice hockey team Stratford Culliton
Justin Bieber tattoo photo 14: Indian chief head, mascot of the Canadian junior ice hockey team Stratford Culliton

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