VIDEO E! reporter criticized for asking Mindy Kaling what ‘color’ guys she would date

Mindy Kaling - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Mindy Kaling remained good-natured when an E! News reporter awkwardly asked what “color” guys the actress would date — but people on social media aren’t reacting as kindly to reporter Alicia Quarles’ taboo question.

The interesting interview occurred during Vanity Fair’s Oscar party on Sunday. Mindy was talking about The Mindy Project and, specifically, the men she dates on the show.

The reporter asked of Mindy’s real-life preferences, “So, who’s your type?”

“Who’s my type? Good looking,” Mindy responded.

“Ok, so any color?”

Laughing, Mindy said yes.

Apparently not recognizing her perceived faux pas, Alicia told Mindy to “kiss some black men” on her show. See the exchange here…

People on social media began calling out Alicia and E! News after the interview.

“Wow, E! Online needs to hire new reporters,” one person tweeted, adding #jerk.

Another commented, “Really, Alicia Quarles, ‘what color’?! Focus on how she represents an independent successful woman!”

Still, others noted that Alicia — who is African-American — clearly didn’t mean harm by her question. Mindy also started the race conversation by earlier in the day by commenting to Rolling Stone she’s “that girl from that show where she kisses all the white men.”

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