Meet Downtown Girls’ Gurj Bassi

Our coverage of Downtown Girls , premiering tonight at 11 p.m. continues! Next up: Gurj, the funny, music-loving Brit.

Gurj seems to be super Internet savvy: she is friends with Trent from Pink Is The New Blog, and from the comments, was once a blogger herself! She apparently once kept a blog at I Keep A Diary, and was a contributor at a blog called PopSerious, where her bio says she “loves to look at photos of fat cats online, is the best bargain hunter you’ll ever come across and can teach you how to call someone a dirty son of a b!tch in Punjabi (”ghunda cootah!”). She was in a spoof of MTV’s Made in 2007 called “I Want To Be A Hipster”:

Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a Digital Content & Marketing Coordinator at Atlantic Records, a position she’s held since 2008. Naturally, she keeps a Twitter, where she describes herself as the “slightly inappropriate token brown girl” on Downtown Girls. At least she’ll keep us entertained with her sense of humor! Her personal blog is locked down, to invited readers only.

Gurj’s bio lists her as having a “serious boyfriend” who is an up-and-coming musician, but my Google prowess wasn’t able to find him by name. Never fear: we will find out who he is soon enough!

Images: MTV, Gurj Bassi’s Flickr