MBFAGW Priscilla Kelly is a goth professional wrestler billed as ‘Hell’s favorite harlot’

MBFAGW Priscilla Kelly wrestling

The last time we checked in with Priscilla Kelly she was 14 years old and being shopped around as a potential bride on the very first season of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. That was five years ago, and since then, Priscilla has managed to stay in the spotlight wearing over-the-top costumes, but she has swapped out television for the wrestling ring and her pink Swarovski-crystal-encrusted Sondra Celli gown for fishnet stockings and black lace-up hot pants!

Instead of adding a Mrs. in front of her name, Priscilla has instead opted for the empoweringly singular definite article “The” to create her wrestling persona The Priscilla Kelly. Priscilla has been wrestling for a number of years now, and she made her professional debut in March of 2015.

Initially, Priscilla embraced her Gypsy heritage as her brand, but that gradually morphed over time into a Goth succubus character whose signature ring antics include seduction, biting, licking, and grinding — combined with the usual headlocks, pile drivers, body slams, etc.

As part of her vampy Goth branding, Priscilla is billed as “Hell’s favorite harlot” and she is often heard declaring proudly “I like girls AND boys!” (Usually before or after a kiss, lick, bite, grind, etc.)

Here are a few videos of Priscilla in action, starting with a montage clip and followed by videos of her matches:

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And a great action photo:

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Priscilla recently appeared on the British call in show Wrestle List during which she discussed how she got into wrestling and how her sexy persona came to be.

As far as how she was introduced to wrestling, that was courtesy of her brother. That may sound pretty typical, but the story is actually atypical — and quite humorous. Priscilla explains that her brother was going through a pirate phase and he became obsessed with an action figure of professional wrestler The Undertaker, because he thought The Undertaker was a pirate.

Being a great sister, Priscilla did some research and tracked down a DVD set of The Undertaker in action. “We kind of fell in love with wrestling from there,” she says. About a year or so later she began actual training.

“I never had a plan for what I wanted to do with my life — anything of that sort,” Priscilla reveals. “And then wrestling came along and…I fell in love with it, and that’s all I’ve wanted ever since.”

And what about the changes in her appearance and character over the years? “I came into this business and everybody just looked at me as this little girl, and I was raised really strict as well, so I guess I just really wanted to break out of that and be open with myself, and it kind of slowly became what it is.”

The Priscilla Kelly wrestling photo

Priscilla says that she thinks her confidence in the ring and the way that she acts and dresses amounts to more than just a two-dimensional fictional character, but an empowering character with depth. “In the back of my head it’s also a way to show equality,” she says of being The Priscilla Kelly. “I know that sounds crazy, but equality because one of my little catch phrases is ‘I like girls AND boys.’ I feel like it’s a way to really show off equality and that you can be open with your body and your sexuality. That’s OK. And I think that’s another thing that I kind of represent.”

20-year-old Priscilla was asked about her goals with wrestling. “WWE’s doing a lot of these tournaments now, and I would love to be a part of one,” Priscilla says of her short-term aspirations. And long term? “It’s really just about me wanting to travel the world and show what I bring to the table in wrestling everywhere, and be kind of known as a worldwide wrestling icon eventually. That’s really just all I want to do.”

UPDATE – I should point out that Priscilla also talks about her appearance on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and expresses regret because of how the episode misrepresented the story she wanted to tell. Priscilla echoed those feelings on Twitter when sharing a link to this post:

Here’s the full Wrestle List interview:

Priscilla continues to work hard making strides toward achieving that goal as she is currently (or very recently) wrestling in and around Atlanta with wrestling organizations Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), SHINE Wrestling (an all-women wrestling organization), and Full Impact Pro (FIP).

The Prisciall Kelly’s next major appearance will be this Sunday as part of EVOLVE 89. You can actually see her as the only woman featured on the event’s poster and in the event billing:

Priscilla Kelly EVOLVE 89 wrestling poster

Click here for tickets, ranging in price from $15-$40!

Priscilla is also featured on the poster for Evolve 90, which will be Friday, August 11 in Joppa, Maryland.

Congratulations to Priscilla on all of her successes in the ring! There’s nothing I enjoy more than a post-reality-show success story, and it really seems like Priscilla could be very big in the world of women wrestlers, especially given her early start and willingness to be the villain. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is a very attractive young woman, but that’s a big part of show business — especially women’s professional wrestling.

Speaking of Priscilla being easy on the eyes, she has partnered with Modern Myth Photography for several photo shoots that are just GREAT! They are all so serious yet so fun — and all of them are well shot with some fantastic clothing and makeup. In a caption for the photo used at the top of this post, Modern Myth mentions that there will be photo merch available soon — so keep an eye out for The Priscilla Kelly posters and more. (No word on an action figure yet.)

I will leave you with a whole bunch of Modern Myth pics of Priscilla — starting with another awesome action shot of Priscilla body slamming someone:

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