MAFS Cheating scandal – Bao started dating Zack, he cheated on her and Michaela

These are some twists Married at First Sight watchers didn’t see coming! After her marriage with Johnny ended, Bao started dating Zack. Then, a few days ago, Zack got exposed for cheating on her (and Michaela, who he was paired with on the show) with other women he met online.

During their brief marriage on MAFS Johnny made it clear that he was unhappy with being paired with Bao, who he had met in college and had never been interested in. At one point he said he would have rather be paired with any other woman on the show instead. It turns out Bao was the one who ended up dating someone else from the show, although Johnny was hanging out with all of the other ladies yesterday for brunch.

Zack and Michaela also had a rocky time during their brief marriage. Michaela would often explode and it was later revealed, according to one of Zack’s hookups, that he was not really attracted to Michaela.

When Zack asked out Bao on the “Where Are They Now?” special he made clear to point out in interview that he loved Bao’s giddiness, a trait that Johnny despised in her. When Zack and Bao went on their filmed date, Zack made a point to constantly compliment Bao, which made her feel seen and appreciated. Unfortunately, it was a ruse as Zack had seemingly never joined the show to find a long-time partner.

Last week a 20-year-old woman named Elena Guevara made a post on the Married at First Sight subreddit titled “Zack cheated on Bao with me.”

“Unfortunately, I am the girl that Zack was cheating on Bao with,” Elena wrote. “I had no idea he was dating anyone. He told me he hadn’t dated since his marriage ended, and he knew I didn’t watch the show. I ended up finding out about Bao the other day, and asked him if he was dating someone and he told me he wasn’t. I messaged Bao via Instagram, and told her everything, and sent her screenshots and proof of everything she asked for. He played the both of us. He is a master manipulator, and tries to play the victim in every situation. He is not a good guy, he just puts on a good act.”

Elena has been accused of clout chasing but has continued to post receipts and her side of the story. Just today she posted a YouTube video on her channel with a taped call Zack made two nights ago. She made clear that both Texas and Louisiana, the states they both reside in, are one-party consent states when it comes to recording a phone call without someone’s knowledge.

In the call, Zack admits to having been involved with multiple women while he was “filming for the show,” aka while he was married to Michaela.

Someone claiming to be Zack’s brother has also posted in the subreddit saying that Zack is currently remorseful about the entire situation and not doing well.

“I’m his youngest brother. We are all very concerned for him because I have never seen him in this state. He is at our parents house right now in Louisiana and I drove down as well to see him. I actually sleep with him every night because he can’t be alone right now. He’s on ambien and other anti-depressant drugs so the whole phone call that girl secretly recorded for more attention and clout…he doesn’t remember a thing and wasn’t in his right mind. He is off social media but when stuff like this happens people tell him – I wish they didn’t. And I’m sick of this one person who continues this whole situation clearly for attention.

He and we know what mistakes he’s made. He’s beyond remorseful. It will only make him a better person.
We love him and we always will”

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