RHOC Why Shannon Beador regrets saying Nicole James sued Terry Dubrow, plus did Nicole James date Kid Rock?

When we’re introduced to Nicole Weiss James, a new friend of Real Housewives of Orange County we learn that call husband friends with Heather Dubrow for eight years. So, it’s a bit of a shock when Shannon Beador claims that Nicole has sued Heather’s husband Terry in the past. This potential lawsuit happened decades ago so Shannon reasons that maybe they’ve gotten over it. Shannon shared this information with Emily and Gina who then brought it to Heather’s attention at Heather’s party, which caused quite a stir. Now Shannon regrets ever bringing this up.

Shannon first met Nicole Weiss 16 years ago when her oldest daughter was attending preschool. She says back then Nicole had a different, rocker chic look and was dating Kid Rock. In fact, Shannon says Nicole was a lookalike for Kid Rock’s ex Pamela Anderson at the time. At that time, Nicole allegedly confided in Shannon about suing Dr. Terry Dubrow over a breast implant surgery. The blonde woman in this Getty image photo from 2003 may be her:

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Shannon spoke to fellow castmembers Emily and Gina about this lawsuit off-camera, but of course, it became a topic of conversation in front of cameras, to the point where it almost just down Heather Dubrow’s elaborate party. The first episode of Season 16 ended on a cliffhanger, making it unclear what the fallout from this confrontation would be.

Shannon has given interviews with Page Six expressing regret over bringing up this past detail.

“I shouldn’t have said it because I never wanted it to come out on camera,” Shannon told Page Six about a private conversation she had with Gina and Emily. “I would never want to hurt anyone’s family or their business. That was upsetting to me because even though you’re saying something to two girls, you’re not saying it to the world. But when you are on camera, you are saying it to the world. So, that’s where I feel bad. I shouldn’t have even confided in them.”

RHOC The truth about why Nicole Weiss James sued Terry Dubrow over breast implants

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