TEEN MOM 2 Chris Lopez backs Briana DeJesus in Kail Lowry lawsuit filing

Chris Lopez supports Briana DeJesus in Kail Lowry lawsuit

We have a big update in the defamation lawsuit filed by Kail Lowry against her Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus. As we previously reported, Briana’s high-powered attorney, Marc Randazza, filed a motion to have the case thrown out back in August. The judge is scheduled to rule on that motion on January 14.

Briana’s attorney made the argument for tossing the case in a 40-page motion for summary judgment. But, Marc is adding a couple more pages to his argument prior to the hearing thanks to Kail Lowry’s ex, Chris Lopez!

Briana and Kail Lawsuit Recap

In case you aren’t up to speed on the lawsuit, I will provide a very brief recap.
Briana made a series of Instagram posts back in early June after a Teen Mom 2 episode aired that did not include Kail. Briana stated that the reason Kail wasn’t in the episode was because “she did not want to film about the situation with the domestic violence, about her getting arrested, about her breaking and entering into…Chris’s mom’s house. She didn’t want to film about her hitting Chris because Chris cut her son’s hair.”

Kail denies breaking into Chris’s mother’s house and also denies hitting Chris.

Briana states that she got the information from Chris Lopez, whom she considered to be a reliable source who had first hand knowledge of what happened. There are a few more elements, but that is the gist of the suit — especially in regards to this update.

There was a Notice of Filing Supplemental Evidence filed by Briana’s attorney on November 24. The “supplemental evidence” is a two-page affidavit from Chris Lopez confirming that he told Briana that Kail broke into his mother’s house and hit him. Chris says he spent a few days with Briana in Miami in April of this year, and that is when he told her the information about the incident with Kail.

Below is Chris’s full statement from the court filing.

Chris Lopez Affidavit

I, Christopher Lopez, declare under penalty of perjury:
I am over the age of 18 years and have never been convicted of a crime involving fraud or dishonesty. I have first-hand knowledge of the facts set forth herein, and if called as a witness, could and would testify competently thereto.

I met with Briana Soto in Miami on or around April 11, 2021. We spent a few days there together.

On the first day we spent together, we spoke about the incident that happened between Kailyn Lowry and myself in September 2020 which resulted in Lowry’s arrest.

I told Briana that Kailyn punched me multiple times during this incident.
I told Briana that Kailyn punched me because Kailyn was mad that I cut our son Lux’s hair.
I told Briana that Kailyn learned of Lux’s haircut when she visited my mother’s home on September 4, 2020 to pick up Lux.
I told Briana that my mother and my sister were both present during this incident and witnessed Kailyn’s conduct.

I told Briana that upon learning of Lux’s haircut, Kailyn became very upset, stormed into my mother’s home, and began to punch me.

I told Briana that I did not fight back and continued to allow Kailyn to hit me.

I told Briana that my mother or sister pulled Kailyn away from me and told her to leave.
I told Briana that, after Kailyn punched me and left my mother’s home, I called the police.

I am aware that Kailyn has presented testimony from an “eye witness,” [redacted], our son’s nanny, as to the events of September 4, 2020. I know [redacted] and have met her before. [redacted] was not there during the above incident. She was outside, in a car, and could not have observed any of the events that took place in the house.

Her testimony of being an eyewitness is a lie. She could not have witnessed any of the events if she was not there. Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing Declaration and that the facts stated in it are true.

Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing Declaration and that the facts stated in it are true.
Chris Lopez

Will Kail Lowry’s lawsuit be tossed?

With Chris Lopez willing to testify that he told Briana that Kail hit him and broke into his mother’s house, it’s definitely more likely that the case will be tossed in January. Of course, nothing is a guarantee.

Kail’s lawyer previously argued that Briana getting her information from Chris still left her on the hook for defamation because he wasn’t a reliable source. From the 95-page court filing:

Even if Chris provided her with this information, which his own texts state that he did not, any reliance Soto could place on Chris as a source would be inherently unreasonable. Soto has never even met Chris. She has previously accused Chris of beating Lowry in front of Lowry’s children — an accusation that was neither provoked by anything Lowry or Chris said or did, but instead was a reaction Soto had after a fan of the Series was critical of Soto for verbally attacking Lowry in front of Lowry’s children.

Kail’s lawyer also argued that the contentious relationship between Chris and Kail made him an unreliable source.

Kail Lowry upset over Chris & Briana hook up?

It appears that Kail may have found out about Chris and Briana being together in Miami via the court filing. Kail was answering questions today on Instagram, and she seemed to clearly reference Chris and Briana hooking up with her response.

A follower asked Kail what she thought “Javiana” owed her when she was pregnant with Chris’s child, or after. I think the person was wondering why Kail was upset at Javi and Briana for dating? Kail appeared a bit unclear about the question as well.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to say,” Kail began her written response, “but she allegedly f***ed the third one in April, so go ask all of them.” The response was placed over a photo of Kail sipping from a coffee cup.

It doesn’t take too much to figure out that Kail is saying that her third baby daddy (Chris Lopez) and Briana had sex in April. Here’s the post:

Teen Mom 2 Kail Lowry reacts to Briana DeJesus and Chris Lopez hooking up?

What do you think about Briana potentially hooking up with yet another of Kail’s exes? That really only leaves Jo! hopefully Vee is keeping an eye out for Briana!

If you want to chime in on the fallout from the court filing and Kail’s post, hop on over to our Instagram and join the conversation:

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