Married at First Sight Season 2: Where are they now?


Fans of Married at First Sight can’t seem to get enough of the drama that ensues when two strangers marry each other sight unseen. The show is currently in the midst of its third season.

We’ve had a chance to catch up with season one success stories Jason & Cortney and Doug & Jamie as they continue documenting their journey on Married At First Sight: The First Year. But what about the couples from season two?

It’s been about six months since the show wrapped up. What’s happened to Jaclyn & Ryan R., Davina & Sean, and Jessica & Ryan D.?


The ladies all found long-lasting, loving relationships…just not with the men with whom they were paired.

Davina Jessica Jaclyn

Davina, Jessica, and Jaclyn may not have hit the jackpot when it came to finding a spouse, but they certainly found love within each other.

Since MAFS season 2 ended, the trio have been staunch supporters of each other and remain friends.

MAFS Girls

“No cameras needed–we REALLY are friends!” Jaclyn admitted. She also joked about their bad luck on the show when she said, “We took a chance and got each other!”

UPDATE- Jaclyn and Ryan R.:

As season 2 came to a close, viewers were happy to see that Jaclyn and Ryan R. were giving their marriage a real shot. However, it didn’t last long. By the time the reunion show was filmed, the two had parted ways.


Jaclyn still works for Tito’s Vodka and enjoys spending time with her nephew and niece. It’s clear that Jaclyn has a zeal for life and remains unapologetic about her big personality, something her ex wasn’t so fond of. If Jaclyn’s dating anyone, she keeps it private. There’s no sign or mention of a boyfriend on social media.

Ryan R

Ryan continues to sell real estate, and, by the looks of it, he’s been pretty successful. Many of the homes he’s sold are in the $300,000–$500,000 range. But, other than his niece Kayla, Ryan doesn’t have a special lady in his life.

“I was in a relationship with someone who lived about 25 mins away, it was short lived thou. but life is so good i feel blessed,” he recently shared.

Ryan is a strong supporter of Married At First Sight. He frequently tweets about the show and offers words of encouragement for the marriages. He also recently posted a photo to Instagram commemorating the one year anniversary of walking down the aisle to a stranger.


UPDATE- Davina and Sean:

Their instant chemistry suggested that a successful marriage was on the horizon, but the sparks quickly fizzled.


Davina is currently loving life in her favorite city: NYC. She’s been careful about what she posts on social media when it comes to dating, but it does appear Davina might be seeing someone special.

Recently, she posted a picture of a lovely bouquet of flowers with the caption “Coming home to these after a long day…❤️. #thankyou #yellowroses #scottishthistle #littlethings #meanalot.”

And, during the holidays, she admitted to spending time with “a special person in my life, and his wonderful family.” Sounds promising! Or perhaps she was referring to her BFF Chris?

NEW UPDATE: Since this post was published, Davina has gotten married!

In July, Davina took to social media to announce she was officially off the market.


A photo posted by Davina Davis (@davinanyc) on

I do, I did, we are….living a life we love together. ?⛪️?. #grateful?? #happy #fairytale #happysunday

A photo posted by Davina Davis (@davinanyc) on

Most fans didn’t realize Davina was in a relationship let alone getting married. Congrats to Davina and her husband Donald! She looks blissfully happy.


Toward the end of the season, you may remember that Sean was torn between his nursing career in Jersey and Davina’s adamant desire to stay in Manhattan. At the time, he was up for a promotion. His decision to ultimately divorce his wife of six weeks seems to have panned out well.

The 36-year-old continues to excel in his career; he was recently promoted. Here’s a pic of Sean with his staff where you can see he’s traded in his scrubs for a button down and tie and refers to the nursing staff as “my amazing team”.

Sean V

Sean is still very much a family man, proud uncle, and enjoys spending time with friends. No sign of a girlfriend on social media but some believe it’s due to a previous rumor that he’s gay. Clearly, we have no way of knowing if that’s true or not…


UPDATE- Jessica and Ryan D.:

Jess and Ryan

Jessica Castro received arguably the shortest straw when she was paired up with Ryan De Nino. Their marriage had issues throughout the entire season. No one was surprised when the couple decided to go their separate ways.

However, we were surprised to find out Ryan verbally assaulted Jessica and threatened her life after filming ended. The attacks prompted Jessica to file a restraining order against him.

Jessica Castro

Jessica seems to have put all the drama behind her, but the outpouring of support she received during that time sparked a new business venture: Team Castro gear.

Team Castro

Yes, that’s right: Jess is selling her own custom-made beanies. And, in addition to her side job as a hat designer and her ambitions to make it in the entertainment world, it appears Jessica is still working her 9-5 as a legal admin. She continues to focus on her family and friends and is, by all accounts, single.

Ryan Di Nino

Since the restraining order was filed against Ryan, more information has been revealed, demonstrating his aggression towards members of A&E and his legal team. His divorce lawyer, which was provided for him by the network, quit in October as a result of his bad boy behavior.

Apart from the nasty claims against him, Ryan recently experienced a milestone: turning 30. He’s also managed to find love since the show ended…with a new puppy.

Ryan also continues to idolize his grandparents and their seemingly perfect relationship. Recently, he posted their wedding photo on Instagram with the caption, “Everyday ❤️.”

It’s hard to say what’s going on with Ryan today. Most of his posts on social media are pictures of him hanging out with his buddies, and there’s no indication he’s met a special someone just yet.

NEW UPDATE: Since this post was first published, Ryan has introduced the world to his new girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day, he posted this picture to Instagram with the caption, “V❤️lentine 365 #Wendys”

Ryan De Nino Girlfriend

We think her name is Samantha Orlando, a dark haired beauty is who protective of her man. When a few commenters posted on Ryan’s picture, Sam got defensive and fired back with some passive aggressive shade.

Later however, a commenter praised Samantha and her relationship with Ryan to which Sam responded, “thank you ? not used to positive feedback”.

Sam is an active in commenter on Ryan’s other Instagram posts where people have negative things to say. For example, here’s her response to one commenter:

ok that’s the second outrageous comments in two days I’m gonna need to interject & let ya know that you’re beyond desperate #takeahike.

Having said all that, Sam fully admits she’s defensive of her man, “@thatkidnino ok ok I just just used to always playin defense when it comes to you ?❤️ ”

It looks like the two may have had a bumpy road based on Ryan’s reality TV infamy, but considering the way Sam fires back at the commenters, this may be a perfect match!


After the season was over and things between the couples grew strained, rumors began swirling regarding the validity of the vetting process for the cast. Many theorized that after the success of season one, A&E rushed production, and, thus, casting on season two. The network seemed to be driven more by ratings than by creating successful marriages.

Many viewers felt this lead to poor matches and divorces for all three couples. If you follow Jessica, Jaclyn, and Davina on Twitter, you know they fully agree.

Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Married at First Sight season 3 when it airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on A&E.  

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