LINKS! Jagged Little Musical, Ariel Winter’s boobtroversy, $2000 hamburger…

Ariel Winter's boobtroversy

DLISTED Jagged Little Pill already is a musical? but the musical version is coming in 2018, so insert your own “Ironic” joke here

REALITY TEAGizelle Bryant is shocked at Ashley Darby’s confrontation of her own husband

JEZEBELOlivia Newton-John has been diagnosed with breast cancer

CELEBITCHYAmerica’s current president has a hard time focusing

THE BLEMISHAriel Winter’s Memorial Day getup was a little too revealing for some people

VOXWonder Woman has a ridiculously high Rotten Tomatoes score; let’s talk about it

VERY SMART BROTHASThis one goes out to all the blerds in the audience

THE SUPERFICIALHere are some photos of the $2000 hamburger, which pretty much looks like a solid $19.95 hamburger with $1980.05 worth of inexplicable gold leaf on top

UPROXXDrive-ins are making a comeback, baby!

(Photo credit: Ariel Winter’s boobtroversy via Instagram)

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