PHOTOS Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley invade Los Angeles

Amber Portwood on the balcony of her Los Angeles hotel

The state of Indiana can breathe easy because their two biggest rabble-rousers have flown the coop! Teen Mom stars, and frequent feuders, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are in Los Angeles to wrap up filming on the third season of their reality series.

(In these photos you can see the two of them hanging out separately on a hotel balcony.)

Gary Shirley on a hotel balcony in Los Angeles

The West Coast trip comes after a source for Radar Online revealed the couple (Gamber? Ambary?) are planning to move to LA. The source says they will be out their for the taping.

“But they’re going to stay longer than they have to so they can look at places because they want to move out there.”

“They want to start a new life together and moving to LA would be the best way to start over,” the source said.

“And of course it would also really help with their future projects like book deals, a clothing line and more television.”

Due to Amber’s legal issues there is still a no contact order in place that doesn’t allow Amber, Gary and their daughter Leah to be together except when required for custody exchanges, but they are hoping to eventually have the no contact order lifted and live together “happily ever after” in the Golden State.

There are lots of big time rumors swirling around what will probably be the final season of the original Teen Mom series. In addition to Amber and Gary giving in to manifest destiny, Farrah Abraham is reportedly moving to Florida to pursue her culinary degree and is working on a book. And there are Facebook murmurs that suggest Maci Bookout and Kyle King might be engaged. These are some really fantastic “off into the sunset’ endings for the show! (There’s no word on Catelynn and Tyler)

UPDATE – We have a Tyler sighting! CLICK HERE to see Tyler and Gary laughing it up on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Gary photo: Deano /Beetham / Splash News
Amber Photo: Deano / Splash News