LPBW’s Matt Roloff’s children’s book ‘Little Lucy Big Race’ coming soon!

Matt Roloff childrens book Little Lucy Big Race quote

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff just announced that he has completed his children’s book titled Little Lucy Big Race, and that it should be available to purchase within the next 20 days!

Matt shared the news via his Facebook page moments ago:

I’m super duper excited … thank you all for your encouragement… as many of you know… more then a year ago I had major Neck surgery. Going thru the extreme discomfort and pain and meeting other adults and kids in the hospital struggling with maintaining hope for their future (and my own) I was inspired to write a fun, uplifting children’s book based on having faith, hope and perseverance for life after surgery and/or adversity. After a year of recovery, hard work and continuing support from You all… I have finally sent the final manuscript off to the printer today. The Lord willing… and the presses don’t dry up… I should have printed copies of my life dream ( to write a children’s book) available in the next 20 days… soon… information on here will be available on how to purchase your copy of Little Lucy Big Race.. it’s sure to inspire and entertain you and your children and grandchildren. Thank you to You all for pushing me to complete this very rewarding project. I can’t wait to Share it with you all!!! Stay tuned.

Matt first revealed his plans to write an inspirational kids’ book in a Little People, Big World episode last season. Matt was still recovering from his neck surgery and made the announcement to his son Zach Roloff. “Long story short, I had this revelation about writing a kids’ book and trying to help inspire and encourage,” Matt says.

“I think that’s an awesome idea,” Zach responds before recalling his childhood experiences with his dad’s storytelling skills. “My dad used to tell Jeremy and me bedtime stories. He’d come up into our room and lay on Jeremy’s bed — it was the bottom bunk — and just make up these crazy stories. Jeremy and me were, like, blown away by. You know, BLOWN AWAY!”

The scene returns to Matt, who reveals that he already has an inspiration for a main character. “I thought, guess who would make a perfect character? Lucy Girl.” (Lucy Girl is Matt’s dog.) “You know why? She’s small, she’s an underdog, she has the right temperament, and she’s fast as lightening.”

Matt Roloff's dog Lucy Girl

Matt shares some of Lucy Girl’s story, which I am guessing will closely mirror the story of the main character in his book. “Lucy came from a broken home. She could have been put to sleep, but now she’s Queen of the Farm. I think that’s a great come-from-behind kind of story. I want to put things out that that I think other people can grab onto and use as their anchor of hope.”

Sounds like a potentially great children’s story! We can’t wait to see the finished product! (I assume it will be illustrated, but that has not been confirmed by Matt.) There is no Amazon listing yet, but you can click Matt’s author page to keep checking.

The book will be Matt’s second. He previously published Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath Worldin 1999.

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