VIDEO Abby Lee Miller ate macaroni & cheese on her way to prison

Abby Lee Miller prison surrender macaroni and cheese

Tonight, Lifetime aired the much-anticipated special Dance Moms: Abby Tells All documenting Abby Lee Miller’s life and thoughts leading up to the beginning of her one-year prison stint for fraud. The network released a preview clip earlier today in which you can see her final moments as a free woman — in which Abby gets emotional and tearful as she eats a bowl of macaroni and cheese on her way to prison.

The clip shows Abby riding in the back of an SUV eating her mac ‘n’ cheese out of a Tupperware container as she approaches Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California. (Which occurred earlier this month.) At one point they pass a sign that reads “No Cameras” and the video feed goes black. The audio remains, however, as we hear an officer ask “Who are you guys here for?”

“We’re turning Ms. Miller in,” a woman’s voice responds.

Abby’s distinct raspy voice can then be heard nervously asking “Can you tell me, um, from where we get out of the car to where I can go to the ladies’ room?” It sounds as though Abby is talking through tears. “Is it far?”

“They’ll explain it to you right now ma’am, okay?” the officer responds.

“OK,” says Abby as she continues to sniffle. “It’s over,” she adds as the clip ends.

I’ve never really felt like I have much in common with Abby Lee Miller, but I have to confess that if I were headed to prison to begin a one-year sentence, there might be macaroni and cheese and tears involved.

In addition to the prison surrender clip, we also have a clip of Abby doing a sit-down interview talking about her conviction and looming prison sentence:

Dance Moms: Abby Tells All premiered Tuesday at 9/8c on Lifetime, but I assume there will be re-airings, and the full episode will probably be made available via their website.

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