LOVE DURING LOCKUP 5 facts about Melissa’s boyfriend Louie Fojut you probably didn’t know

Love During Lockup Melissa's boyfriend Louie Fojut facts

The theme for Love During Lockup Season 2 seems to be how little the women know about their inmate boyfriends! Chelsea is shocked to find out that her boyfriend Mikey is serving time for multiple felonies and that he was incarcerated before (MANY times). Jessica can’t believe her true love Dustin is a meth user. And Melissa is finding out that her incarcerated high school crush Louie loves yoga and that he may have lied to her about wanting to move to New Jersey to live with her once he is released.

In addition to what Melissa doesn’t know about Louie, there’s quite a bit that viewers aren’t aware of as well! Below are five things that viewers likely don’t know about Louie — in no particular order:

1. Louie’s Conviction Details

As revealed on the show, Louie is serving 10 years for armed robbery. According to court records, Louie received three 20-year prison sentences in 2013! The sentences were for two counts of aggravated assault and one count of armed robbery. The sentences were to be served concurrently with Louie being eligible for release after ten years.

The indictment from Louie’s case reveals that his charges were the result of an attempted robbery of a liquor store in November of 2012. The document indicates that Louie used a knife during the robbery attempt. It’s unclear is anyone was harmed during the crime.

2. Louie Was On Man V. Food

Love During Lockup's Louie Fojut on Man V. Food
Louie Fojut is no stranger to reality show cameras! He appeared on the first season of Man V. Food when show host Adam Richman and pizza eater Drew Middlebrooks visited Big Pie In The Sky Pizzeria in Kennesaw, Georgia to attempt their “Carnivore Challenge.” The challenge required that two people eat one of the pizzeria’s 2.5-foot, 11-pound Carnivore Challenge Pizzas in one hour without any of the pizza leaving the body.

Louie’s appearance was brief, but he did get a scene showing off his dough tossing skills! Here’s a clip — “pizza man” Louie makes his appearance at the 1:13 mark:

3. Louie Has A Son

Melissa paid Louie’s mom a visit, but one seemingly major thing the two never talked about is the fact that Louie has a son! His name is Cameron and he looks to be about 14 now. That’s Louie and his son above in a photo posted by Louie in June.

4. Louie Was Previously Convicted Of Cocaine Possession

Prior to his armed robbery conviction, Louie was convicted of felony cocaine possession in 2012. He was sentenced to four years, but it appears the sentence was suspended. He would attempt the robbery of the liquor store roughly ten months after being sentenced for cocaine possession.

5. Louie Did A Recent Interview About Yoga

Louie’s love of yoga (and potentially his yoga teacher) is a major story line this season. If you were wondering whether or not Louie’s yoga love was true, or something made up for the show, the answer appears to be the former.

Earlier this year Louie did an interview with the Dharma Project, which is the organization that sponsored the yoga problem at the prison Louie was at. He even talked a bit about his instructor, Rutu Chaudhari:

Yoga with an instructor is phenomenal, especially with Rutu. She’s an amazing woman, and she’s so positive all the time. I never thought that I would, like — you know, we developed a relationship, which is awesome, you know what I mean? I never expected that. And she’s got such a big heart — and just the dedication that she puts with the program is just — it’s just incredible, you know? You don’t find many people like that who does what she does.

To find out more about Louie, be sure to keep tuning in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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