LOVE DURING LOCKUP Chris arrested, Gabby interviews after posting graphic assault video

Love During Lockup Gabby and Chris fight and assrest update

Love During Lockup inmate Chris Walker is back in jail in New York. Chris was arrested on Tuesday, less than a week after his ex, Gabrielle “Gabby” Nieves, posted a graphic video on TikTok in which Chris could be seen violently grabbing Gabby and punching her in the face.

The video was recorded in Gabby’s living room and only lasts for a few seconds. The TikTok video also included photos of Gabby with a chipped tooth and wearing a neck brace while being treated by paramedics. “A phase I recommend skipping,” Gabby wrote over top of the video.

Some of Chris’s friends and family came to his defense online with claims that Gabby was actually the aggressor in the altercation and that the additional recorded footage would show that.

Gabby later shared some of the additional footage on Instagram, which was just more of Chris attacking her. “This is where I gave up on living!!” she wrote. “ASK ME WHAT IS A JOKE YOU F***ING BOZO,” she added in all caps.

“Does this look like someone beating a man??” Gabby asked, before calling out those coming to Chris’s defense. “He got his family and friends and little wh***s lying on the internet! HE IS CHARGED & WANTED FOR A REASON!!!”

Multiple YouTubers reported on the videos posted by Gabby, and Chris’s defenders showed up in the comments. His sister Essence, who was featured multiple times on Love During Lockup, was the most vocal. She even made claims that Gabby has an arrest history of her own.

“Gabby has an open case right now for fighting a police officer disorderly conduct is her specialty. She’s a wildcat,” Essence wrote in the comments of one of the YouTube videos. “She’s crazy. She edited the video because she doesn’t want anyone to hear what’s being said. Think people, think. She’s bullsh***ing. She wants money and she wants Chris.”

Essence also claims that Gabby had a knife and attempted to stab Chris prior to the punches shown in the videos. “She tried to stab him like she did her ex boyfriend prior to this,” Essence wrote. “Right before this actually. She won’t post that video. She does this to everyone who leaves her. She did it to her last boyfriend. Chris has a whole girlfriend Gabby knows about. THAT’S why she attacked him and is trying to hurt his character. She is a side chick on a misson [sic].”

Chris’s family members reveal that Gabby and Chris have been filming for a new season. I assume it is for Love During Lockup, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Gabby Responds On Instagram

Gabby took to her Instagram stories to respond to the allegations being made by Chris’s friends and family. She also addresses her previous domestic violence arrest and her pending charges for assaulting a law enforcement officer and making terroristic threats.

Don’t believe everything you hear. That man was not touched one time. He was mad because he cheated and I wanted him out of my apartment. He decided to beat me for two hours and said this is his apartment when he had no income, no nothing. I have supported him with money since his release.

That man was not touched one time. He stole items out of my house that were not his. EVEN MY FOOD STAMP CARD. Where they do that at???


Gabby shared a screen cap of her text message conversation with Chris, which included a selfie of him with another woman. “New pu**y,” Chris wrote. He added “FOH” and “B*tch bye.”

After Gabby replied with “Lmaoooo ok?” Chris wrote: “Yu dead hoe.”

I was wrongfully charged in Hoboken years ago for a DV from my ex beating me. That’s why it was dismissed!

Also, next case my pending charges is a bar brawl from when I was helping my cousin while she was intoxicated and I’m not guilty until I am CHARGED.

According to court records, Gabrielle was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer, making terroristic threats, and disorderly conduct — offensive language on August 8 of last year.

Love During Lockup Gabby Interview

In an attempt to clarify exactly what happened during the altercation with Chris and the events leading up to it, Gabby did an interview with the Kiki and Kibbitz YouTube channel. (Full interview included below.)

Gabby reveals that Chris had been out of prison for about three months when the altercation happened on August 16. She says the fight started when she asked Chris to leave the apartment due to him cheating with multiple women.

“He lost it from there,” Gabby says, adding that the fight started in her bedroom and later moved into the living room where the footage was recorded. She says the attack lasted for two hours.

Amazingly, Gabby reveals that it wasn’t just her and Chris in the apartment at the time. Gabby’s cousin was there, but reportedly offered little help. Gabby says that there is one point in the video where you can actually see her cousin smiling.

Gabby says she suffered multiple broken bones, including one between her nose and left eye. She says her eye was severely damaged and will require surgery after Chris tried to gouge it out with his finger.

The video had a photo of Gabby’s chipped tooth, which she says she has to have replaced.

Gabby says that she handed over all of the video footage to police and she currently has a restraining order against Chris that will eventually become permanent. She reveals that Chris has threatened to kill her and she was recording the interview from a domestic violence safe house.

Thankfully for Gabby, it appears as though Chris may not be getting out for a while. She says he will be serving time for charges in multiple states. “He has to do Jersey time first. And then after he has to do New York time,” she says.

Gabby Reflects On Her Relationship With Chris

As you would imagine, Gabby has a lot of regrets in regards to her relationship with Chris. “He’s just garbage,” she says. “If I could rewind time, I would be a little smarter and stop being naive in thinking that you can save an inmate and change his life. The problem with me is I always think I can heal people. I’m trying to help people when I really need to help myself.”

She later adds: “I never thought that someone could be so f***ing evil, you know? Especially to someone like me that’s been trying to do everything for you. I haven’t done not one evil thing to you. That man has done nothing but ruin my f***ing life. From the beginning when I met him to the end.”

How Much Money Did Chris Give Gabby

After Gabby released the video of Chris brutally beating her, a lot of the conversation online has focused on the fact that Gabby received thousands of dollars from Chris while he was in prison.

In case you didn’t watch Love During Lockup, Chris got a cash settlement in a civil lawsuit after he was attacked by a group of fellow inmates while being held at Rikers Island. As we previously clarified, Christopher was not the recipient of a $475,000 settlement, which is something being reported by numerous sources online. That lawsuit involved an inmate named Christopher with a different last name.

Gabby says that Christopher’s settlement was for roughly $130,000, and he only got $80,000 to $90,000 of that. So how much of the settlement money did Chris give to Gabby?

“He gave me about, like, thirty to forty thousand,” Gabby admits. However, she argues that she spent a lot of that money on things for Chris, including clothes.

What about the BMW featured on the show that Chris reportedly bought for her? Gabby says he did give her $4,000 to help pay for the car, but she has paid more than that by keeping up with the $500 monthly payments since the purchase.

Gabby doesn’t mention filming again, but she kind of jokes about coming back and doing another interview in a way that seems to confirm that she will be back on WE tv. No doubt her and Chris’s story will bring A LOT of drama!

Here is the full Kiki and Kibbitz interview with Gabby. If you are a fan of any of the Love After Lockup shows and/or 90 Day Fiance, I highly recommend you subscribe to the channel!

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