TEEN MOM 2 Did Jenelle and David break up? She announces she is ‘Separated’ & ‘Single AF’

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason dropped a major bombshell earlier today when posted a photo of herself on Facebook and announced that she is “Single AF.” Jenelle also posted and deleted the message “Wonder where my husband went” before changing her Facebook relationship status to “separated.” Meanwhile, David changed his relationship status to “single” on Friday.

Jenelle followed up her “Single AF” post with another Facebook entry that read: “Someone change my mood. ?”

Interestingly, Jenelle’s friend Jamie Wilshire commented on Jenelle’s initial post with a string of fire emoji, and she responded to the second post by revealing: “I’ll change your mood! Lol See you Friday!!!!! Reunited ?”

“Thank god ?” Jenelle responded.

Jenelle has a track record of surrounding herself with friends that are a bit unstable, to say the least, but Jamie and her husband seem to be EXTREMELY stable and have their sh*t together. If there’s a silver lining for those concerned about Jenelle if she is splitting from David, I think having Jamie’s support is it. I assume that Jenelle will also have her mother Barbara’s support if she wants it, but that may not be likely given recent events.

Jenelle and David’s apparent split comes after a turbulent week for the couple thanks to Monday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2. The episode was filmed in the aftermath of the infamous 911 call in which Jenelle accused David of “pinning her down on the ground” and nearly breaking her collarbone.

In the episode, the 27-year-old reality star completely loses it when David crashes her son Jace’s soccer game and MTV producers are forced to shut down production. (The crew refuses to film anywhere near David after he was fired back in June. Him not being allowed to film, or be anywhere near the crew, was part of Jenelle’s revised contract, and is something the network has reportedly been completely rigid about.)

Jenelle refused to even appear in the episode, and producers were forced to include angry text messages from her instead. “”YOU ARE RUINING MY F**KING LIFE. Stay out of it,” Jenelle wrote. That was followed by: “Don’t text me ever again” and “Talk to my lawyer. I’m done talking to you.”

Jenelle’s mother Barbara was willing to continue filming, and she offered up her opinion on what was going on. “Jenelle, she doesn’t want to film anymore, because anytime she makes a commitment to film, all of a sudden David starts a fight with her and she can’t film because if she films, she’s going to be in trouble when she gets home,” Barbara said.

“I told her, I said look Jenelle, this is your job, you’ve been doing this for 10 years,” she continued. “It’s not his show, it’s your show. I said, he’s not even working, what are you going to do if you lose this show? You’re going to lose everything you have. She’s going to be homeless.”

Barbara, who surprised a lot of show fans by making peace with David this season, then got very emotional as she revealed she was “very worried” about Jenelle because of David. “I think he’s hurting her and he’s just keeping her,” she said. “I can see it, it’s a domestic violence thing and he’s keeping her like a prisoner.” Barbara added: “She can’t even leave the house.”

That inspired this Instagram story post from Jenelle:

Fans were already suspicious that something might be awry on The Land after Jenelle and David remained unusually silent on social media over the Valentine’s Day holiday. The two are rather famous for publicly expressing their love for each other on romantic holidays and anniversaries — usually with Jenelle referencing the “love of her life” and David posting a racy photo of Jenelle and captioning it with talking words about how lucky he is to have a wife that looks like that.

So, are Jenelle and David really breaking up? Or is this yet another spat that will be explained away in a few days as some sort of misunderstanding? I’ve been following Jenelle for a decade now, and it certainly seems to me that she is WAY too calm for this to be an actual break up! I’m wondering if maybe David didn’t go away for the week on a hunting trip or something and she is just overplaying the time alone with her posts? That would fit with her friend Jamie’s responses as well.

Whenever there is a question about what is really happening on The Land, I’m like most everyone else in that I turn to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup for the real scoop. Unfortunately, she posted moments ago that she doesn’t know anything specific either. However, that may change soon:

The Ashley is still working on getting the details from The Land; however, her sources tell her that Jenelle gave no indication that things were amiss between her and David earlier this week, which was when she was last in contact with Teen Mom 2 producers and crew. (The Ashley will have more info on this very soon!)

Stay tuned!

UPDATE – Jenelle has done some more posts on Facebook and Snapchat, and she continues with a very casual attitude that certainly doesn’t seem to suggest an actual break up. Some examples:

Confused AF ?‍♀️

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