Lifetime Movie Network revives Intervention one year after it was canceled by A&E

Intervention LMN Revival

More than one year after A&E aired the final episode Intervention, Lifetime Movie Network announced it is officially reviving the critically acclaimed series.

“Over the course of 13 seasons on A&E, Intervention wove itself into the fabric of pop culture and brought global awareness to addiction and treatment options,” Jana Bennett, president of LMN, said in a statement. “The stories profiled on this series are profoundly powerful and we are proud to continue it on LMN.”

The series will be produced by the same company and will feature familiar interventionists Jeff Van Vonderen and Candy Finnigan, who both expressed their disappointment when the show was initially canceled in 2013.

“The network didn’t have room for the only show in America that ever helped people? I don’t think I’ll ever find something I care so much about, that has such a public front… This is where I cry,” Candy told Vulture.

Jeff added, “That’s what’s so upsetting about the show ending. If I didn’t work for the show, but I still was in the field I’m in, I would still be sad that the show is ending. Because the show mattered.”

Production begins this summer. New episodes of Intervention are slated to premiere on LMN in early 2015.

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