PHOTOS Amber Portwood, MTV cameras present for Leah’s first day of school

Amber Portwood walks Leah to first day of school

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley accomplished one of the simultaneously toughest and proudest moments that parents can go through as they took their daughter Leah to her first day of kindergarten today.

Gary tweeted a photo that showed a seriously grown up Leah rocking pink boots and a purple bag. As she smiled big for the big moment, an MTV (we’re assuming) cameraman is seen in the background filming the special moment.

Gary wrote, “First day of school!”

For longtime fans of Teen Mom it’s an especially gratifying scene to see a sober and free Amber being able to enjoy this day along with Leah’s dad.

Amber tweeted out to a friend this morning, “just now dropping her off :)”

Yesterday Gary shared a pic of Amber as they went out together to do school shopping for Leah – in the reflection of Amber’s sunglasses it looks like mounted cameras can be seen as well.


Congrats to Leah on her first day of school!