VIDEO Meet the Noah Ritter, the young fairgoer who is ‘apparently’ the best interview subject ever

Noah Ritter Apparently Meme

Noah Ritter, a young thrill-seeker at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania, gave what may be the cutest interview in local TV news history.

Although he made it clear that he doesn’t watch the news because he’s a kid, Noah had no qualms about grabbing the mic and regaling the WNEP-TV reporter with tales of the Super Slide.

Still, the very best part of the interview was Noah’s continual misuse of the word “apparently,” which he snuck into the majority of his sentences.

“Well it was great because, apparently you are spinning around,” he said at one point. He also said that he “apparently” just went down the Super Slide, is “apparently” from three different towns and “apparently” has never been on live television.

Sofia Ojeda, the reporter in the video, later appealed to Ellen DeGeneres via Twitter to invite her interview subject on the show. No word back from Ellen so far, but Noah’s already won over Today‘s Al Roker, who deemed him “this generation’s Mason Reese.” Savannah Guthrie agreed the kid is a natural.

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