LHHNY Mariahlynn keeps up fresh feuds, brushes off old haters as new music wins new fans

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Love & Hip Hop New York star Mariahlynn has an unusually full plate this season: the popular holdover from Season 6 is at the fulcrum of some of the show’s juiciest Season 7 spats. But it’s her music that continues to win praise–and, Mariahlynn has amped up her feuding in order to draw a bit more attention to herself.

Since her introduction last year, Mariahlynn has managed to become a central figure in several of the most prominent storylines on the show. Consider: Her professional relationship with DJ Self means she’s bled over into plots involving Cardi B; their takedown of BBOD during last year’s reunion was cited by many fans as a highlight of the entire season. And her personal history with both Rich and Cisco means that she was a major focus of everything Creep Squad last year, something that’s carried over into Season 7 thanks to Cisco’s reintroduction as a nemesis of Peter Gunz.

Additionally, Mariahlynn has had five performances on the show so far: she’s tied with Remy Ma for the most of any cast member during her run, despite appearing in fewer episodes than any other regular cast member other than Remy. (Devoteés will recall that Mariahlynn was absent from LHHNY Season 6 Episode 2, as well as the first two episodes of Season 7.) Kicking things off with “Once Upon A Time,” still her most popular track, was a smart move:

It’s no surprise, then, that she’s starting to draw attention outside the realm of show, as an emerging beef with The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne Tha God indicates:

On top of drama like that, she continues to explain her background to fans who wonder is Mariahlynn mixed. Renewed interest in the question comes in part from all the attention DJ Drewski has gotten this year–whether or not you agree that Drewski is the first white cast member on Love & Hip Hop depends somewhat on your definition of the term:

Meanwhile, on the eve of her performance-based LHHNY episode, Mariahlynn also dropped her latest single–appropriately named “Play Fair”:

If you aren’t already, you can keep up with Mariahlynn on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

As for the show itself: Love & Hip Hop New York Season 7 continues to light up VH1 on Monday nights at 8.

(Photo credits: Is Mariahlynn mixed via Instagram)

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