VIDEO The LHHNY Season 8 supertrailer is here: Cast overhaul + off-season spoilers for Papoose & Remy Ma, Yandy and Mendeecees, and more

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We’re just under a week away from the premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York‘s new season, meaning it’s the perfect time for VH1 to drop the LHHNY Season 8 supertrailer in our laps. Aside from a complete cast overhaul–headlined by Safaree Samuels from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood–the new episodes promise to be the show’s sleekest to date, as well as their most risqué.

But, before we get to the LHHNY Season 8 supertrailer itself, here’s a quick rundown of some of the biggest stories you might have missed since the Season 7 reunion. For starters, it’s been alleged that Papoose had a baby with his side chick after Remy Ma lost she and Papoose’s child to an ectopic pregnancy last year. On a related note, Yandy says she’s sticking with Mendeecees, for now at least; Mendeecees, meanwhile, was denied an early release by the state parole board, and isn’t expected to get out of prison before 2020.

In even less pleasant news, Bianca Bonnie reportedly beat up her boyfriend last summer, then taunted him with photos of the abuse on Instagram (and then deleted the pics). It looks like the upcoming season of LHHNY will get into the details of that abuse, seeing as how Bianca’s love life looks to be her main storyline this year. And

Finally, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s breakout star Safaree Samuels has traded in the West Coast for the East and joined the LHHNY cast. And his love life centers around Dreamdoll, herself an infamous former reality star, who headlines the nearly one dozen new additions to the New York cast this year.

Without further ado, then, here’s the lit AF LHHNY Season 8 supertrailer from VH1:

And here’s the official Season 8 rundown, also courtesy of VH1:

Marriages are tested, the Creep Squad is getting creepier, and yes, Mariahlynn and Bianca Bonnie are still giving it up to anyone who tries to play them.

In the Love & Hip Hop season eight supertrailer, we pick up where we last saw Remy Ma, snagging the Best Female Hip Hop Artist Award at the 2017 BET Awards. Now that she’s all the way up, Papoose is ready for his wife to make good on her promise. Yep, it’s baby making time. Remy is down to begin IVF treatment despite previously suffering a miscarriage but also wants to focus on making an album. Will Papoose understand?

The Stuntman Scaffbeezy is back home in New York and is continuing the quest to find love. Safaree’s mother is tired of him dating plastic thots and he’s looking to make her proud by bringing home a lady mommy dearest will approve of. He already has his sights on a formed bad gyal, Dream Doll.

Dominican-born artist Anais is certainly heating things up in her freshman season. The creep squad general Rich Dollaz returns to his creepiest mission of all, having an affair with a married woman. You see, Anais has a husband but wants out of the marriage. She is seemingly willing to risk it all for Rich.

Yandy is still all about her family but Mendeeces has been hearing some things about how his wife has been dressing and well, he isn’t happy. Mother-in-law Judy turned from confidant to snitch and is telling Mendeecees all about how Yandy has been moving since he’s been gone.

Everyone knows who Lil Mo is and we will get to know a lot more about her and her family including her tech-savvy son. After googling his mommy, he comes across a rumor that his father may be cheating, sparking issues in the relationship. Now, a conversation about trust must be had.

K.Michelle’s bestie Jonathan is flying solo and may even find himself single after finding out his significant other is addicted to sex. Catfish is a bitch.

People are still trying Bianca Bonnie and her newest nemesis Brittany Taylor also happens to be a very old one. The battle of who runs NY is very physical between these two MCs.

Mariahlynn has apparently found love, but her man doesn’t respect Self or his gwinin’ team. Mariah’s already got enough on her plate though when she finds herself dragging her new nemesis, Sophia Body, in a hotel room.

It’s not all drama. Rich is battling an illness, while Safaree is also dealing with loss of his uncle.

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 8 premieres Monday, October 30 at 8 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: LHHNY Season 8 supertrailer via VH1, Instagram)

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