LHHATL Tommie and Young Joc dating, but both have ulterior motives in mind

LHHATL Tommie and Young Joc dating 1

It’s been unintentionally hilarious to watch the “are-they-aren’t-they” dating drama surrounding Karlie Redd and Young Joc during LHHATL this year, thanks to Karlie shooting that whole storyline in the foot by stepping out with Ceaser from Black Ink Crew before Season 6 was two episodes old. (The fact that the two are apparently celibate is a mystery for another day.)

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But, while that means Karlie definitely doesn’t end up with Young Joc for more than a hot minute this season, it also means we’re not entirely sure who Young Joc is seeing. And VH1’s just-released clip featuring Joc stepping out with Tommie on a surprise date opens up at least one new possibility:

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Yes, Tommie only steps out with Joc in this clip so that Jessica Dime will run back to Karlie Redd and pee all over her particular parade–but Tommie and Joc already had a threesome together, so it’s not like they’re not at least a little bit comfortable in each others’ presence. Plus, we further know that Tommie’s not dating Meek Mill anymore, though they were rumored to be together just before Season 6 dropped. (Which means that Meek’s appearance on the show is also a no-go.)

No matter what happens, it seems like this particular storyline is heading toward a Chasing Amy-style threesome proposal between Joc, Karlie, and Tommie, in order to heal the growing rifts between them and make their relationship whole again. If we do get such a proposal, hopefully the LHHATL version will turn out better than the one in the movie.

(Photo credits: LHHATL Tommie and Young Joc dating via Instagram)

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