LHHATL Who is Joseline’s baby daddy? Mystery man allegedly revealed; Stevie J gets restraining order

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Who is Joseline’s baby daddy? And is the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star actually, truly pregnant? These are the questions that occupy viewers’ minds of late, as the over-the-toppest show on VH1’s roster prepares to conclude its 5th season. Fortunately, it’s possible that a new contender has emerged as the likeliest candidate for Joseline Hernandez’s Baby Daddy–assuming, of course, that there is a baby to be daddy of.

Stories about Joseline’s pregnancy have swirled for weeks, ever since she got into a genuinely epic war of words with Stevie J in the press and on social media. One of the things that set Joseline off was Stevie’s denial that he was the father of her baby; Joseline responded by calling Stevie a child molester. (Like you do.) In response to that, Stevie J went out and requested a restraining order; that order has since gone through, and mandates that Joseline keep at least 200 yards away from Stevie at all times.

Meanwhile, an anonymous source has got a story going at a handful of gossip sites, claiming that the real father of Joseline’s baby is neither Stevie nor Joseline’s actual husband, of 19 years and counting. (Click here to read our report on Joseline’s unreported marriage.) That story alleges the real father to be “a 60-something club owner” who “invests in a number of the hot clubs in Hollywood…loves Black women…and is known to NOT use condoms.” The name of the man has been tactfully redacted in the report, which is just as well. LHHATL Season 5 has gotten sillier and more absurd with each passing week; there’s no reason not to drag the drama out until the very, very end.

Shortly after that report emerged, Joseline’s trainer shared the following photo on Instagram:

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Devoteés of the Joseline Hernandez pregnant story will recall that this is not the first time the 39-year-old has had her personal trainer to try and convince skeptical fans that her pregnancy is legitimate. It was only a few weeks ago that Joseline posed for a similar photo–though, in keeping with the passage of time, her alleged baby bump was considerably smaller all the way back then.

And the image maintenance doesn’t stop there. Joseline recently took to Twitter to throw a bit of friendly shade at BET, when the network suggested that she maybe, possibly, potentially was not actually really with child:

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That’s actually the perfect answer from the controversial LHHATL star. If you’re a believer, then “Just being me” means that Joseline doesn’t have anything to hide. And, if you’re a skeptic, the phrase suggests that Joseline only ever hides right out in the open.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 concludes with the second of its two-part reunion special this coming Monday, August 8th.

(Photo credits: Who is Joseline’s baby daddy via Instagram, Twitter, WENN.com)

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