PHOTO Is Lyfe Jennings married to a top-secret German model? Rumors of Karlie Redd betrayal continue to circulate

26th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Featuring: Lyfe Jennings Where: Los Angeles, CA, United States When: 27 Jun 2013 Credit: Daniel Tanner/

Is Lyfe Jennings married? Stories about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s marital status have been making the rounds for months, ever since the first trailers for LHHATL Season 5 showed him popping the question to girlfriend and co-star Karlie Redd–who promptly fainted upon receiving the proposal. And complicating matters is the child that Lyfe has with a different woman from a previous long-term relationship.

For starters, though, here’s a preview of next week’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode, in which it appears that Lyfe himself will finally have to come clean. Either that, or it looks like Karlie will put a fierce hurt on him until she hears what she wants to hear:

These rumors all got started this past winter, thanks to an MTO report that claimed a reconciliation between Lyfe and Karlie was impossible, since Lyfe–as stated in the above clip–married Gwendolyn, his German girlfriend. We don’t yet know if the rumors are true, but we can report that there is indeed a German model named Gwendolyn Amerley whose face matches that of the woman in the photos included with the initial rumor. Lending some credence to the rumor is the fact that, according to Gwendolyn’s Facebook profile–which may or may not be official–the former Berliner currently resides in Atlanta.

Here’s a fairly recent candid shot of Gwendolyn, taken from the Facebook page linked above:

Is Lyfe Jennings married 4

Again, though: no photos of Gwendolyn and Lyfe appear on that page, nor do any status updates relating to marriage.

In addition, one omission that strains the credulity of this particular rumor is the rumor that Lyfe and Gwendolyn are expecting a child together. That particular bit of gossip was first reported a little over three months ago; however, in numerous photo updates since then, Gwendolyn does appears to have a model’s flat stomach, rather than anything resembling a baby bump.

In either case, the truth will (probably) be revealed soon! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 continues Monday nights on VH1.

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