Teen Mom star Ryan Edward’s girlfriend Dalis Connell launches fitness blog

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Back in August we did a profile post on Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards’ new girlfriend, 19-year-old blonde beauty Dalis Connell. In the post we revealed that in addition to being a model and a waitress at Hooters, Dalis is big into physical fitness and is currently a student at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville majoring in exercise science/physical therapy.

Since August Dalis has transformed herself from blonde to brunette and has decided to share her passion for fitness with a fitness blog! The blog is located at www.dalisconnell.blogspot.com and here’s Dalis’ introduction to herself:

I am a sophomore at Tennessee Tech University for Pre-Physical Therapy & Personal Training. I am also on a Track Scholarship there. My passion is working out & having a healthy lifestyle, as well as helping others develop one too! A little about myself: I grew up in Southern California and moved to Tennessee when I was 16. I have a younger sister, & two older brothers! My oldest brother Timothy passed away in 2010 & there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him. RIP, Love you. On a brighter note!, I love volunteering at animal shelters and nursing homes. Anything that has to do with helping others, I love to do it. ESPECIALLY when it comes to working out 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The blog promises to feature video clips by Dalis as well as workout tips and exercise regimens to help you get that body you always wanted! And in case you’re not clear what the body you’ve always wanted looks like, here it is:

Dalis Connell lingerie photo

I’m a guy and that’s definitely the body I’ve always wanted 😉 (One of ’em at least)

Serving as another intro of sorts, here’s Dalis Connell’s first blog post:

Hey everyone! I have been asked many of times to start a blog & start work out videos for those people who are not near me to get face-to-face training; so this is as close to face-to-face training as I can get to those in other states!

Anyone that follows me on twitter knows that I LOVE working out and helping others develop a healthy lifestyle too! I know that everyone’s body and frame are different so I will try to give different ideas and ways to help get the same results that everyone wants 🙂

If some of you give me ideas of what you want to achieve, I will do my best to help you out! And also let me know what is hard about acheiving that goal, and what is hardest for you to cut out of your diet.

More proof that Dalis knows what she’s talking about:

Ryan Edwards girlfriend Dalis ConnellMaci Bookout's ex Ryan Edwards' new girlfriend Dalis Connell

And a sample post from earlier this week in which Dalis reveals how she keeps her abs looking absolutely fabulous:

My Usual Ab Workout!

I usually do this everyday.
75 regular crunches
25 crunches with legs to one side
25 crunches with legs to the other side
25 bicycles
& 50 flutters.

It equals 200 crunches and it hits every single part of your abs.. upper & lower!

Flutters are when you lay flat on your back, have your feet half of a foot off the ground, and cross your feet on top of one another 50 times.

Other things you can do if you have a exercise ball is lay flat on your back with your feet on the ball.. and push your hips as high as you can and pull your feet on the ball towards your bum and repeat. 12 reps 3 times!

Along with doing that, cardio helps toning your stomache and core.

Oh, and how about a video?

I said it in our first profile post, and I’ll say it again here: Dalis Connell sure seems perfect for Ryan! And judging from the numerous videos and photos shared by the couple on Twitter and Facebook, she seems to be great with Bentley as well. So, congratulations to Ryan and Dalis on their continued relationship, and congrats to Dalis specifically on her initiative!

In addition to her blog, you can also keep up with Dalis on Facebook and on Twitter. (Haters need not apply) 😉

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