VIDEO Bethenny Frankel shows how to workout in stilettos

Bethenny Frankel Pumped in Pumps

They may be the polar opposites of Nikes, but Bethenny Frankel claims working out in stilettos is actually beneficial. During a “Pumped in Pumps” class in New York City on Wednesday, the former Real Housewife led high-heeled participants through a series of exercises designed to tone muscles and work on core strength.

“I love that you felt sexy, I thought it was fun,” Frankel told New York Daily News.

Before the group session, Frankel — wearing $600+ Manolo Blahniks — went through a few exercises with E! News.

(Frankel doesn’t provide a disclaimer, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to risk of breaking an ankle. I prefer to keep my feet flat on the ground while squatting, lunging and kicking!)

Even though the busy mother-of-one enjoys group fitness classes, she doesn’t feel the need to join a gym.

“I want to be with my daughter,” Frankel told the Daily News. “I want to be home so I will do a DVD there, anything is better than doing nothing.”

She also takes care to keep a healthy, balanced diet. Just don’t confuse that with “going on a diet!”

“I think every diet is stupid,” Frankel said. “That is why I wrote ‘Naturally Thin,’ because I wanted to get rid of that obsessiveness, that noise and belief that on Tuesday some diet book is going to tell you to have an egg white omelet. If you want cake on a Tuesday morning, you should have cake and then have a salad for lunch.”

As a successful entrepreneur, Frankel’s Skinny Girl line of products currently includes nutrition bars, fitness equipment and low-calorie cocktails. But, still no word on whether she’s planning to open up gyms for Pumped in Pumps workouts!

Would you workout in stilettos?

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