Info on 16 and Pregnant’s Millina Kacmar and her mother Rachelle’s legal history

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Millina Rose Kacmar

Judging from the trailer and the preview clips, the fifth season of MTV’s ground-breaking docuseries 16 and Pregnant promises tons of drama, emotion and hardship as 12 young girls struggle to leave their adolescence behind and rapidly gain the maturity required to be a parent. Also judging from the trailer and preview clips, it appears that one of the most dramatic and emotional episodes of the season will feature teen mom Millina Rose Kacmar from Clinton Township, Michigan and her mother, Rachelle.

16 and Pregnant Millina Rose Kacmar 33 weeks baby bump photo

As you may have seen in the preview clip for Millina’s episode exclusively available on the MTV app, Millina’s mother Rachelle has issues. (You might also know Rachelle from the 16 & Pregnant Season 5 trailer — she’s blonde in that clip and is the woman angry that her daughter Millina wouldn’t trust her to watch her grandson.) (UPDATE – That is actually the mother of Millina’s boyfriend Trevor in the trailer with the blonde hair. Teen Mom Truth spoke with Millina and she revealed that her concerns about her watching their son Kayden is that Trevor’s mom has medical issues that sometimes cause strokes and seizures.)

In the MTV app clip, Millina’s episode is introduced by the question, “How much would it suck if you were pregnant and your mom was in jail?” Millina then talks with a friend about her mother’s latest relapse and shows her two before and after photos from less than a year apart — the latter being from Rachelle’s arrest in October of 2013. I couldn’t track down the actual “before” photo shared by Millina in the clip, but I did find one from 2010 that works just as well:

16 and Pregnant Millina's mom Rachelle16 and Pregnant Millina Kacmar's mom Rachelle mug shot

Stemming from her 2013 arrest, Rachelle faced charges of possession of a controlled substance, retail fraud (2), a traffic citation and driving without a license. In the MTV app clip, Rachelle is seen in court, where she tearfully explains that she has “been through some horrible things as an addict” and had to miss the birth of her grandson, Kayden. “I’m not there for my children the way I should be, and I can’t do this any more,” she concludes.

The judge seems unmoved by Rachelle’s confession. “I understand, but I’ve heard this speech a million times,” he says, “and a lot of times a lot of people they go in through the front door of the inpatient and go out the backdoor.” It’s unclear what his ruling was. (I was unable to find Rachelle listed as in custody in any Michigan jails or prisons, so perhaps that is a good sign.)

Even more disturbing than Rachelle’s recent arrest is an event that occurred in April of 2013 in which Rachelle went missing! Millina shared the photo of her mom below as well as a plea for assistance in finding her on April 24:

16 and Pregnant Millina's mother Rachelle missing

“This is my mum,” Millina wrote. “Her name is Rachelle … she has been missing [since] 7:30 am April 23 2013. She dropped my brother off at school and no one has seen or heard from her [since]. If u see her or have any info please call me 586*******”

Someone (apparently a relative) named Aleana replied with “really??” before later adding, “I doubt shes missing. she probably just doesnt what to be found…”

That comment drew an angry response from Millina, who seemed to have a good idea when to be concerned when it came to her mom:

MILLENA: Aleana my [mom] has mess up in the passed but People change. Even with her addiction she never just didn’t come back, she never just didn’t call. I understand she’s not perfect as u and dan make you’re Self out to be but she’s still my and moes mother. And my nans daughter and just because u disowned her doesn’t mean we have to. I think u forget u both used to have addictions. Granted they weren’t as bad your no saint ether so id appreciate it if u kept your smart alic remarks between u and my uncle and get them off of my mothers picture.

Unbelievably, the drama persisted:

ALEANA: all i said was i doubt shes missing-she probably just does NOT WANT TO BE FOUND!

MILLINA: Which u said Being a smart alic I know the game your playing. Do u think she likes this? Do u think she likes sitting alone on holidays because no of u accept her? Even when she’s doing good it’s never good enough for u people. All she wanted for the longest time was to make dan proud. And she never felt good enough and I see why. Even when I do good it’s never good enough it’s always do better. I’m sorry that were not as perfect as u clame to be. But I love my mother no matter what. And I’m not going to give up until I find her or I know what happened because that’s what family does they stick together they don’t disown each other when they mess up!

16 and Pregnant's Millina Kacmar and her mom Rachelle in 2007
^ An older photo of Millina and her mom Rachelle

ALEANA: millina, she hardly sits alone on holidays….i do recall moe telling me she wasnt even around on a few of them- even after nan had spent all morning and HER hard earned $$, cooking food so that u 4 could have a dinner together. and AGAIN, im not being smart- im being truthful- shes probably out and about doing “her thing”….and im certain she will come back when shes either hungry or needs $$.

MILLINA: Oh and just so u know Aleana we found her she’s not “out and about doing her thing and will come back when she needs food or money” I know my mother she would call u don’t know jack about her and I’m sick of u putting her down. She’s been at st. John hospital sense Tuesday IN A COMA!!!!! She wasn’t breathing or responding to test she just came threw and the dr called so get off your high horse and stop acting like u know every thing about my mother. She almost died. While your sitting her with your nose in the air talking crap

Millina then added, “It was caused from a asma attack.”

So her mother went missing for more than a day and turned up in a hospital after being in a coma?!? I cannot imagine.

In addition to the arrest information and mug shot photo above, I was also able to find another of Rachelle’s arrests from April of 2012 in which she faced the same retail fraud and driving without a license charges in addition to shoplifting, parole violation and contempt. (I am guessing that these all stem from the same incident and perhaps Rachelle just violated her probation/parole when she was picked up in 2013, which means the charges were revisited.) Here’s her mug shot from the 2012 arrest:

Rachelle Kacmar mug shot photo 2012

As if having a mother with drug, medical and legal issues weren’t enough, Millina also lost her former step-dad Anthony “Tony” Kukula in July of 2011. Millina posted a memorial video of Tony on Youtube that includes tons of photos of Tony, Rachelle and Millina — including a number of pics from Tony and Rachelle’s wedding:

Millian also shared some of her thoughts about Tony’s passing in the video’s description:

Rest In Peace Anthony Edward Kukula. A son, A father, A husband, A friend, A brother. we all loved tony. he didnt deserve to die. we may not be able to see him physically, but hes not gone, he’s always with us, in our hearts. and we will see him again soon. no we may not be able to call him, or see him, or hear him but u can still talk to him hes listing. He wouldnt want us sad. so smile when u think of him, and know hes right there smiling with u.

According to online records, Tony and Rachelle divorced in 2010.

Here are some more great photos of Millina and her mom Rachelle (and her son Kayden and Kayden’s dad Trevor) followed by a video of the two of them (with a friend of Millina’s) uploaded to Youtube in August of 2011:

Millina Kacmar mom Rachelle Kacmar

16 and Pregnant Millina Kacmar, baby daddy Trevor and son Kayden

Millina Rose Kacmar selfie  16 and Pregnant Millina Kacmar and son Kayden  16 and Pregnant Millina Kacmar blonde

16 and Pregnant Season 5 Millina and son Kayden

Video of Millina, mom Rachelle and a friend:

It’s still unclear when Millina’s episode of 16 & Pregnant will air — though it’s looking like she may be the finale with all the dramatic events they will have to pack in. We will try to update as soon as we have the air date so you can properly prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster.

UPDATE – Millina’s episode will be the third, airing Monday, April 28 at 10/9c on MTV.

* During the episode, Millina revealed on Twitter that her mother Rachelle is currently in rehab and scheduled to get out on June 23.

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