PHOTOS Courtney Stodden tries on colorful wigs after shaving her head

After famously shaved off her trademark blonde hair earlier this month as a tribute to the child she lost to miscarriage, Courtney Stodden was photographed out shopping for some hair replacement in the form of a series of brightly colorful wigs. Keep reading to see Courtney trying on a rainbow of manes, including her final choice!

Wigs for bald baby girls are real thanks to Baby Bangs

Have you ever sat there cooing over your precious little angel and thought to yourself, “You know what, I wish my baby girl had some more hair.” Me neither, but for those who do want to Zolciakify their darling little ladies, they now can thanks to a company called Baby Bangs. Find out about these wigs for baby girls including who this child brain covering idea was the brainchild of and let us know if you think it’s a cute idea or not.