Kylie and Tyga back together: She can’t say no to his charm, money problems

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Kylie and Tyga back together? Oh, why not: Just a few weeks after their acrimonious third separation, the oft-ridiculed couple is once again in each other’s arms, according to an allegedly unimpeachable source. Part of the reason is the reported love the two have for each other; another is quite a bit more practical: Tyga is supposedly so broke that he needs sanctuary, and Kylie’s made the offer.

A solid source confirmed the news to People before the story went wide. “They’re officially dating again,” said their insider, who added “There seems to be no drama so far!”

In addition to that ringing endorsement of the pair’s lust, the source went on to explain that Tyga’s long-reported financial woes haven’t gone away. “He still has money problems,” confirmed the insider, who implied that Kylie both took Tyga back and offered to share her $6 million Calabasan mansion with him so he could either save his pennies or duck his creditors (or both).

At the same time, the Mirror is reporting that Kylie and Blac Chyna are “best friends,” and that their feud is a thing of the past. That could be because Blac has other things on her mind, like figuring out how to best care for the golden goose she lucked into. It could also be because Kylie thought she needed extra family support before giving Tyga the green light. But the rest of the Kardashians, for their part, don’t seem to care much about the re-re-re-reunion: “Her family isn’t too upset [about Kylie and Tyga back together],” said People‘s source. Their rationale is sound: “They don’t think it’s permanent.” Which is a very nice way for Kris to tell her youngest child “That’s nice, dear.”

Kylie and Tyga have broken up and reconciled four separate times over the past thirteen months.

(Photo credits: Kylie and Tyga back together via Instagram,, Photographer Group / Splashnews)

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