Kris Jenner was stalked and blackmailed

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Although Bruce Jenner took over the world this weekend, he was not seen at all on Sunday night’s KUWTK. Instead, a major storyline for the episode was ex wife Kris Jenner’s paranoia over a potential stalker, and getting blackmailed over hacked nude photos.

Kris kept freaking out, thinking people were following into restaurants and to Costco, and got super spooked when someone sent some unsolicited pizzas to the house with a creepy message for Kylie. What’s odd about that situation is that Kylie seems unfazed by the how situations.

Things came to a head when Kris’ assistant informed her that someone was asked for money over nude photos taken off of her iCloud account. Kris said the photos were taken in her closet and her linked to her security camera. Kris did talk to TMZ at the time this happened, saying she contacted the police about this blackmail plot.

Meanwhile, in real time Kris Jenner news, she declined to comment when asked by ABC producers for Bruce’s two-hour transgender interview special. Her lack of comment stood out because Bruce’s other two ex wives sent the program’s producers messages of support. When confronted about the situation on Twitter, Kris said she was never contacted. She also tweeted in support of Bruce: “Not only was I able to call him my husband for 25 years and father of my children, I am now able to call him my hero.”

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