Why does Khloe Kardashian have memory loss?

Khloe Kardashian opened up about having memory loss problems, including most of her childhood years. On tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians sister Kourtney and mom Kris ask her if she remembers things like going horseback riding, trips to San Diego, or Kourtney protesting her mom making only spaghetti, Khloe says she can’t recall any of it. “You have no memory of your childhood. It’s bizarre,” Kris says.

Later at the chiropractor’s office, Kourtney brings up Khloe’s memory loss and he asks her some more questions. “Some people just have memory loss, right?” she asks the chiropractor, who responds “Not at your age.”

Then Khloe reveals that she was in a pretty bad car accident when she was 16, and was unconscious for a while and suffered a concussion. She said that the accident escalated her problems with migraines, which she had already been suffering from. The chiropractor said that that type of trauma could cause memory loss, but she sought for more answers after the family goes through some photo albums and she can’t remember anything in the photos.

“It’s really irritating and frustrating, and kind of sad that I don’t remember some of my childhood. Like in ten years are I gonna forget the best, most memorable events of my life? I’m getting a little scared, something might really be wrong.”

She visits a neurologist to find out if they can find out what’s wrong. He says that Khloe may be suffering from pseudodementia, which is forgetfulness from depression.

The doctor gives her some tests, including what she ate last night, and naming as many animals as she could in a minute, which she nailed. Khloe did have some trouble doing math, and naming the last three presidents, but the doc determined that she does not have dementia. Instead he recommended that Khloe see a therapist.

Khloe opts to see a hypnotherapist rather than a psychotherapist. Once she’s under hypnosis, Khloe revisits being a confused 13-year-old girl. She remembers that at the time her father was involved in defending O.J. Simpson in his murder trial for allegedly killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Khloe remembers not being allowed to see her dad because her mom believed that O.J., who had been a close friend of the family, and who Khloe looked to as an uncle, had murdered Nicole.

“O.J. Simpson and Nicole were a part of my life, and so when she was killed so violently and disturbingly, I remember that just stuck with me,” Khloe says in interview.

While still in the hypnosis chair, Khloe talks about how she was cold to her dad when she was a teenager, and then he suddenly died from esophageal cancer. After he died, she felt like she had to distance herself from her family because they reminded her too much of her dad. The hypnotist explained that Khloe “chooses to not be present. So when you’re not present, then you don’t remember. So, when things are not feeling good, this little girl devised a way to not be present. This whole thing about forgetting the past? If you want to, Khloe, you can remember. Allowing yourself to just be at ease, and at peace.”

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