Sylvia from Intervention is a drug counselor and interventionist now


The 2006 Intervention episode featuring Sylvia was one of the most memorable of the entire series. She was a former interior designer with her life falling apart over alcohol. Her drink of choice was sneaking tiny airplane sized bottles of booze in between shifts at a boutique. Nine years later, Sylvia’s living a completely different kind of life.

She was in a truly desperate situation nine years ago. She had had her children taken away, and would hide alcohol all over her house to try to trick her mother when she came over. During a family meetup, Sylvia arrived already drunk, and then proceeded to secretly guzzle a bottle of wine in just a few minutes, rendering herself completely unable to interact with anyone.

In a short video chat update with Jeff VanVonderen during tonight’s episode Sylvia revealed that she’s helped with several interventions and is about to complete her masters in science of addiction counseling. “I’ve had just a great inspiration with you,” she told Jeff. “I can honestly say if it had not been for that intervention, I don’t think I would be having this conversation with you today.”

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