Kris Humphries wants to avoid divorce at all cost

Kris Humphries at the Sector watch event naming him their new spokesperson

As we previously reported Kris Humphries has filed for an annulment hoping to wipe the slate clean of his marriage from Kim Kardashian. He is claiming fraud stating that he believes that Kim never really loved him and that it was all a show for her show. Kim has argued this claim stating that she really loved him.

This move sets up the possibility for a serious legal battle but sources are stating it’s Kris’ religious convictions and not money or bitterness that has lead him to want to annul the marriage. He’s so motivated on this front he actually has a plan B as well in hopes of avoiding a divorce.

Sources close to the b-baller are stating that if he is unsuccessful in being granted an annulment that he will attempt to ask for a legal separation that would extend indefinitely. This move would preclude Kris from being able to marry again.

While all of that is fine and dandy whether you question his motivations or not the point is more than likely moot. Most legal experts who have weighed in on the Kim / kris split feel that it is a near certainty that a judge will grant Kim her divorce. In order for this not to happen Kris would need to prove “clear and convincing evidence” that he was duped by the reality star.

Another report is suggesting that this move to have his divorce annulled is also a back-door means to have his pre-nup tossed out which would most likely happen if an annulment was granted. This would then free up Kris to speak openly about the marriage and his experiences of being Mr. Kim K.

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