Dr. Jenn Mann announces return of The Dr. Jenn Show to SiriusXM radio

The Dr. Jenn Show back on SiriusXM radio

Listeners to Oprah Radio were shocked when they tuned in on January 1 and discovered that SiriusXM had dropped the channel without any sort of notice whatsoever. At the time, the only thing close to an explanation came from Dr. Jenn Mann, the host of Oprah Radio’s The Dr. Jenn Show, who didn’t (or wasn’t allowed to) reveal why Oprah Radio was dropped, but did promise that her show would be back on the air soon.

Today Dr. Jenn delivered on that promise as she revealed that The Dr. Jenn Show will be coming back to SiriusXM on Monday, March 2! Here’s is her announcement from Instagram, which erroneously says March 3:

A fan on Twitter asked Dr. Jenn if the show title would be changed, and she said no — and added that she would now be free to drop F-bombs!

And we all know that Dr. Jenn fully appreciates the therapeutic value of an F-bomb:

A photo posted by Dr. Jenn Mann (@drjennmann) on

Congratulations to Dr. Jenn! I’m sure she has thousands of fans that have been SERIOUSLY Jonesin’ for their advice fix!

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