Real Housewives of Atlanta Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream RHOA Real Housewives of Atlanta Peachin' to the Choir flavor

Tonight was Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion and in honor of an event that perfectly embraces the spirit of “I scream, you scream, we all scream…” I thought I might put together a list of potential Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors in honor of the ladies (and their gentlemen) of the ATL!

Here they are in no particular order:

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor Phaedra Parks' Mr. Chocolate


Everybody knows chocolate is the best ice cream ingredient ever! There are lots of mystery chocolate hunks in this special flavor that will make you go from “Mmmm hmmm” to “Mmmmm Mmmmm!!”

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor Kenya Moore Cinnamon Buns Twirl


I like big buns, hon! And there are LOTS of big buns (in the form of chucks of doughy sweet cinnamon buns) twirled into this delicious flavor! Ben & Jerry’s believes like Sir Mix-A-Lot in that Moore buns is better!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor Kandi Bar None for Kandi Burruss and Peter Thomas


Kandi Burruss and Peter Brown team up to bring you this exclusive flavor that pays homage to Peter’s infamous night club business venture with tons of Bar None candy bars mixed with a splash of liquor from behind the bar to give it that extra kick and to help you get your freak number up! But hurry, this flavor, like Peter’s night clubs, will only be here for a limited time!

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor BaNeNe Split for NeNe Leakes


Could there be a more classic combo than NeNe Leakes and a banana split? This flavor adds a splash of strawberries to the traditional banana split recipe and combines it with vanilla ice cream that is so creamy you’ll be declaring out loud, “It’s rich b!tch!”

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor Ne-Apollo-tan for Apollo Nida


Pink white and brown are the new black! We used our finest strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice creams to create this trio-riffic take on the Neapolitan blend. And for a new twist, we’ve added extra yumminess by tossing in chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough (Crookie D’oh!) that will most certainly sentence you to the most pleasurable of snacking experiences!

If you enjoyed our Real Housewives of Atlanta themed Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors, then be sure to check out our line of B&J flavors we made for The Real Housewives of New York City! (How could you resist a scoop of Sonja S’moregan?!?)

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