PHOTOS Who is Kourtney Kardashian’s new boyfriend Luka Sabbat?

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For her newest boyfriend, Kourtney Kardashian appears to have found a friend and co-worker of her ex Younes Bendjima. Almost immediately after the pair’s acrimonious split last month, Kourtney Kardashian’s new boyfriend Luka Sabbat, himself a model, began dating the eldest Kardashian sister. The pair have now gone fully public, with a PR-friendly spread in People announcing their “budding romance.”

Kourtney and Luka “were close to each other, and there was a sense of chemistry” between them, said the first of People’s two insiders. Forgive my skepticism, but that is not the most scintillating description of what sounds like a clear and present rebound ever put to paper. The insider could just as easily be describing family members, or Kourtney and a friendly kitten.

Nonetheless, a second source — the same one who confirmed that Kourtney and Luka have been dating on the DL for more than a month — said that Kourtney is “head over heels” for her new man. That’s at least in part because “none of her friends liked Younes.” Good thing, too, since it sounds like Kourtney started hooking up with Luka almost immediately after dumping Younes…approximately one month ago. (Also worth remembering: Kourtney and Justin Bieber were sharing a toothbrush by now.)

As far as the latest timeline, Kourtney and Luka first stepped out in public in Los Angeles last week. They then went high-profile at the grand opening of restaurant TAO Chicago this past Saturday. The photo at the top of the article was taken at that event; here’s another one, from a slightly more self-aware angle:

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One surprising side note to this story is that Kourtney actually managed to outdo Scott Disick in terms of the gap between she and her new beau’s ages. We’re not shading Kourtney at all; it’s just that that’s really, really difficult to do. Kourtney is 39 and Luka is 20. He’s older than Scott’s girlfriend Sofia Richie by one year, but Scott is “only” sixteen years older than Sofia.

(And another story, from Page Six, claims that Kourtney Kardashian’s new boyfriend Luka Sabbat has “been a family friend for years,” which could be kind of creepy if true.)

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Though he’s best-known as a model (we’re using his 1.3 million Instagram followers
as evidence), Luka has also had a high-profile acting gig of late. Earlier this year, he appeared as Luca Hall in all 13 episodes of black-ish spin-off grown-ish.

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