Kourtney Kardashian wants a couple more children, but doesn’t say who the father will be

Kourtney Kardashian see's a cat and goes sightseeing around Iceland and has fun with fans for her Snapchat and visits church and monuments around the city

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Simon Huck dating? It’s the unexpected question on the lips of every Kourtney Kardashian observer of late, following the bombshell (unverified) report that Kourtney plans to have “a couple more kids”–but, tantalizingly, declined to mention who the father of those kids might be. Throw in a few photos of the pair getting close on a recent vacation, and baby, you got a fatherhood stew goin’!

Kourtney did mention that adoption was a possibility–but, of course, she wasn’t definitive regarding the notion, and so the identity of her non-existent fourth and fifth childrens’ future father has become a topic of great interest. Enter Simon Huck–pictured above with Kourtney and Jonathan Cheban during a recent trip to Iceland–who is best-known to Kardashian fans for his appearance on KUWTK spin-off The Spin Crowd. No less a high-profile media organ than People hinted at the possibility of Kourtney and Simon hooking up in its profile of Kourtney’s Iceland travel diary; other sites soon followed suit, with the standard “They’re just friends” parry.

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Indeed, because there is only speculation linking the two (at this point), most attention being paid to the possibility of Kourtney Kardashian’s future baby daddy has been given to either three-time father Scott Disick or to Justin Bieber, who is also a human male. Though she’s had more than her fair share of drama with Scott, Kourtney did recently admit that she could foresee a future in which she welcomed him back into her life. That’s largely because they already share custody of their children, but it is a start.

As for Justin, a new Inquisitr piece posits that Kourtney may already be pregnant with her fourth child overall, and first by recent fling machine Justin Bieber. Gossip about that pregnancy has been positively rampant for weeks, especially since reports that the pair continue to hook up on the DL in turn continue to circulate.

The “mystery man” with whom Kourtney was seen on a date in mid-August has yet to be idenfitied.

(Photo credits: Are Kourtney Kardashian and Simon Huck dating via Instagram, Cosmpolitan, Splash News)

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