Kourtney Kardashian back with Justin Bieber; Scott Disick so mad he’s writing a tell-all

Kourtney Kardashian back with Justin Bieber 1

Kourtney Kardashian back with Justin Bieber has Kourtney’s estranged partner Scott Disick mad enough to go nuclear and write a tell-all memoir about their relationship. That’s the latest from a pair of new reports, both of which suggest that a lovesick Kourtney has returned to the spindly arms of her diminutive boy toy following last month’s heartbreak at Disick’s hands.

Scott apparently tried to sneak a side-piece down to Costa Rica while attending a Kardashian family vacation. When Kourtney got wind of his endeavor, she kicked Scott off the trip; he proceeded to rent a $13,000-per-night hotel suite in Miami and play Nerf football on the beach in front of models and paparazzi to prove that he was unbothered by the whole thing. The ongoing fallout from the drama sent Kourtney back to Justin for the first time since their torrid Beverly Hills sex romps of Summer 2016.

“Kourtney says Justin’s more mature than Scott, even though he’s a decade younger,” a source allegedly close to one or both parties recently said. “She loves that he’s as deeply spiritual as she is. It’s a real point of connection for them. She’s developed strong feelings for him.” Those feelings apparently led to more than one date involving church, presumably on a Sunday and everything.

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But Scott Disick will not go quietly into any good night, and has allegedly decided that the best revenge is a “scathing” memoir detailing his time with Kourtney and the entire Kardashian clan. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has it on good authority that Scott is preparing to watch a ghostwriter put pen to paper in his name, and that Scott is more than willing to share everything he can remember from the past few years, give or take.

“He will do a chapter on each member of the family,” said their article, “and reveal what has really gone on behind the scenes. Scott knows every single secret about them, and it will help him make millions. There are rumors about a gay Kardashian, and Scott will set the record straight. He has no problem outing family members and in-laws.”

According to their story, Scott even has the whole book outlined and everything: “Kris Jenner’s [chapter] would focus on how she pimps out her daughters and forces them into getting plastic surgery; Caitlyn Jenner’s would focus on the difficulties in her transition; Kim Kardashian’s would focus on all the dirty secrets behind her marriages and divorces; Rob Kardashian’s would focus on his drug abuse; and Khloe Kardashian’s–the least scandalous–would supposedly be about how she ‘enabled her brother to do drugs.'”

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