Kendall Jenner doesn’t want to be a big part of her family’s reality show


17-year-old Kendall Jenner has a unique life. She’s part of one of the most famous yet despised families in America, she has a budding modeling career and several businesses, and is featured on her family’s docu-soap reality show. Producer Ryan Seacrest hopes to focus more on Kendall as the show continues because “A coming-of-age story is always compelling,” but Kendall doesn’t seem as keen to step into her older sisters’ Louboutins quite yet.

During an interview with the New York Times, Kendall was highly coached by her handlers, and cut off when she had too much to say (like when she was talking about all the divorce rumors surrounding her parents Bruce and Kris Jenner.)

“I think you always talk about how appreciative you are,” one of her publicists said.

“Yeah, how appreciative I am,” Ms. Jenner said, plucking at her tights.

“And that you enjoy the life you have,” the publicist said.

“I enjoy the life I have,” Ms. Jenner said, zipping and unzipping a sofa cushion.

When asked what it was like to grow up on television, Kendall replied “I don’t know any different.” And on, if she wants the show to delve deeper into her life as she gets older, she was clear “I don’t want to be a big part of the show. Neither does my little sister [Kylie,] only because we want for a little while to keep our somewhat normal lives.”

During an April 2013 interview with Cosmopolitan (where she also did a photoshoot) Kendall had similar things to say. “The show [Keeping up With the Kardashians] brought us everything we have, and I realize that,” she said. “But sometimes I just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for like five minutes.”

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