UPDATE Breaking Amish’s Sabrina High is sober, has moved in with her parents

Breaking Amish Sabrina High 2015

When the original cast of Breaking Amish came back for another season of Return To Amish, many were disappointed that fan-favorite Sabrina High was no longer on the show. Sabrina explained with a rather vague Facebook post back in May why she did not return–the post referenced the traumatizing events in her life that led to substance abuse.

Since that time, Sabrina has provided further updates, and we are glad to report they are all very positive!

Sabrina is currently sober, and, apparently, has been for several months. She revealed that she was homeless for a brief period last year, but has since moved back in with her Mennonite parents. Here is Sabrina’s full update from earlier this month:

As some of y’all probably know, I moved back home with my Mennonite parents. I was rather nervous about it at first, but I am happy to report that several months later things seem to be going quite well ? Every time I walk into my room and see my big comfortable bed, I am sooo beyond thankful!! And the pretty lace curtains in the windows, and my clean sparkling bathroom! ???? (yes, I actually ended up homeless last year, and had to sleep outside in the cold.)

I pay them rent, and in return my momma washes my clothes and makes sure that I eat. The problem with that is the fact that I have gained weight as a result!! My momma is the best cook around, she makes everything from scratch. This week so far I have had lasagna, grilled ham, grilled corn on the cob, fried potatoes, zucchini casserole, shoofly cake, monster cookies, and all kinds of other goodies. I mentioned something to momma that I really need to start losing some weight. So she put salad starter (from our garden) in the fridge, which consists of lettuce, sliced cucumbers, and scalded tomatoes. When I need to eat healthy I can pull some of it out and put radishes, carrots, cheese, dressing, etc. in it and I’m good to go ? I think it was super thoughtful of her to do that for me!!

My momma is my best friend! I am so grateful for parents who love me, even after all the crap I have put them thru. We all have changed and grown so much and even tho we have different beliefs, we still serve the same God and we have learned to focus on that instead. They have helped me so much with my daughter’s case and I am truly blessed to be their daughter!!! ‪#‎praiseGod‬ ‪#‎recovery‬ ‪#‎clean‬ ‪#‎blessed‬ ‪#‎Iwaslostbutnowamfound‬ ‪#‎Ilovemymomma‬ ‪#‎healthy‬ ‪#‎happiness‬ ????????


When Sabrina mentions “my daughter’s case,” she is referring to regaining full custody of her daughter Oakley, now 17 months old. Here are a few recent photos of Oakley, including one with mom Sabrina, and another with her grandmother–Sabrina’s mom:

Breaking Amish Sabrina and daughter Oakley 2015

Breaking Amish Sabrina's daughter Oakley 2015

Return To Amish Amish Sabrina's mom daughter Oakley

Sabrina shared the post and photos on her “Hope for Recovery by Sabrina Lelia” Facebook page, which she created back in July to update fans on her recovery process. Later that month, Sabrina praised the Celebrate Recovery program and credited it with helping her to get sober:

Celebrate Recovery has changed my life!!! I encourage you to download the CR app, and find a location in your area!! It is a spiritual 12 step program, based off of the 8 beatitudes!! Recovery doesn’t have to be mundane and boring! And no, you do not have to be an alcoholic or a drug addict to attend. People struggle with addiction in many different areas; they have groups for depression, anxiety, abuse, codependence etc. ‪#‎celebraterecovery‬


On August 3, Sabrina posted this Collective Evolution text graphic, with a quote from Dean Jackson about the caterpillar’s shady view of metamorphosis:

Dean Jackson butterfly and caterpillars quote graphic

Sabrina added this message:

This is so true. It’s so hard sometimes because some of my friends are still in active addiction. Which means that I can’t hang out with them much anymore because I want to stay clean and when I am around that kind of environment it is hard not to use. And they don’t understand, so they talk crap on me behind my back and it hurts. I wish so badly for them to see the Light, and to be able to free themselves from the bondage and sorrow that that life style brings. Addicts do not love themselves, and until they learn to love themselves again, they will be lost. All I can do is pray and try to be a good example. I used to wonder what my purpose in life was, and now it is crystal clear. I went to celebrate recovery tonight and the speaker said how out of our greatest pain comes our greatest calling, and I agree with that so much! If I can help and encourage even one person to overcome, then I have succeeded. ‪#‎forgivethemfortheyknownotwhattheydo‬


Earlier today, Sabrina reunited with her former Return To Amish co-star Mama Mary Schmucker at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (It’s unclear what the event that led to their reunion was). Here is the photo shared by both Sabrina and Mama Mary:

Breaking Amish Mama Mary and Sabrina together 2015

Neither one said very much about the picture. Mary did respond to a commenter asking how Sabrina is doing by responding, simply, “good.” Given where Sabrina has been, “good” sounds pretty damned amazing!

And just in case you had any doubts that it is in fact Sabrina running the Facebook page, she uploaded this verification video:


Congratulations to Sabrina on her road to recovery. As we’ve said many times, we are big fans and we wish her all the best!

UPDATE – It seems our post had a lot of folks heading over to Facebook to like Sabrina’s page and ask her how Oakley is doing. Sabrina responded with an appreciative post and an update on Oakley:

Hi everyone ??? Just wanted to say thank you for liking my recovery page it means alot to me that yall care about me ?????? Also, if you wanna chat, I will try to answer as many of you as I can on this page. However, just know I can’t accept any more friends on my personal profile ? So get ahold of me on here thank you!! ????✌? Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!!!! Anyone doing anything exciting?

Everybody keeps asking how Miss Oakley is doing ? She is growing like a weed!! She loves to dance and watch music videos! She likes to watch Minnie Mouse and she loves the song All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor! She’s alot of fun, we always have a blast ?? She hates Mr. Potato Head, if she sees him she shrieks and needs a hug from Momma ?? I will post some picture updates sometime soon!

You can keep up with her journey via the “Hope for Recovery by Sabrina Lelia” Facebook page.

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