Katy Perry’s half-sister Jodi Hudson says she was abandoned by their dad

Star Magazine has a story this week with quotes from Katy Perry’s half-sister Jodi Hudson from her father Keith Hudson’s previous marriage.

43-year-old Jodi has kept quiet for the past few years of her sister’s fame, but bristled at a recent video their dad uploaded on YouTube with the message “Don’t close the door on your children.”

Keith, who is close to Katy, and even uses her fame to help garner interest in his ministry, has still been very critical of the sexualized themes in Katy’s songs, and the revealing way she often dresses. What Keith was talking about in the video was loving Katy even though he feels she’s not “serving God.” He wasn’t thinking about Jodi at all, and according to Jodi, he never has.

Jodi on Keith:

“This man is preaching something he should have done himself. I broke down when I saw that video. He completely abandoned me when I was a child and has had almost nothing to do with me throughout my life. I spent a night in my father’s house in Santa Barbara when Katy was about four or five. I didn’t know what a father was. My mother hyped up the fact that I was going to see him. When he walked in the room, he said, ‘Get out of my way, kid. I’m here to see your mother.'”

As for Katy, Jodi is “hurt” that Katy hasn’t really talked about her at all, but she still feel positively about her sister: “It is hurtful that I am kept a secret but I have nothing bad to say about her.”

Keith has three kids with Katy’s mother Mary Hudson: Katy (28,) Angel (30,) and David (24.)

Mary and Keith Hudson: