Kate Middleton’s first official royal portrait revealed

First official royal portrait for Kate Middleton

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Prince William took a royal stroll down to the National Portrait Gallery in London today for the unveiling of her first official portrait.

It was the task of noted artist Paul Emsley to secure the likeness of Kate. The image features Emsley’s trademark black background with a slightly smiling Middleton framed by her long hair.

Emsley wanted to capture Kate’s natural beauty and initially intended on the work not having a smile. After meeting Middleton, he changed his mind stating, “I think it was the right choice in the end to have her smiling. That’s really who she is, I think.”

In this modern age there’s constant analysis and complaints about photographic enhancement via Photoshop etc. Well, the same happens even for royalty being painted for posterity. Emsley took the liberty of actually changing Kate’s eye color slightly to better match her blouse.

The currently pregnant Duchess said she thought the work, “was brilliant.” Prince William added, “It’s absolutely beautiful.”

What do you think of Kate’s first official portrait?

UPDATE – Find out what the portrait (which has been receiving lots of negative comments) would look like if notorious novice Jesus fresco restoration artist Cecilia Giménez were allowed to fix it up!

Image: YouTube