Kanye West sentenced to anger management, community service in court deal

Kanye West Anger Management

Kanye West avoided any jail time by striking a deal in regards to the charges of misdemeanor battery and grand theft stemming from an incident with a photographer in July at LAX.

The 36-year-old entertainer entered a plea, via his attorney, of no contest to the misdemeanor battery charge (the grand theft charge was dropped as part of the deal) yesterday in court in a special agreement that allowed him to maintain his innocence.

West will be required to attend 24 anger management therapy sessions and perform 250 hours of community service. He also received two years of informal probation – translated – he just has to stay out of trouble with the law during that time period.

Kanye agreed to pay for damages to the photogs’ equipment that occurred during the scuffle and for any medical bills incurred.

Bobby Ramos, the photographer in question, addressed the court and stated that he believed West should spend some time behind bars for what he did. He added that he believed Kanye came after him as a means to promote his album Yeezus.

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