VIDEO Chris Brown ordered to stay in jail until April 23

Chris Brown in court wearing an orange jumpsuit

It looks like Chris Brown’s current Facilities Tour will not be adding any new venues for a while as a judge ordered today that the singer must take up residency in Los Angeles County jail until a hearing on April 23.

The ruling came during a hearing earlier today stemming from Chris Brown’s most recent arrest on Friday after he violated his probation by getting booted (yet again) from another rehab facility. During the hearing it was revealed that Chris Brown was repeatedly disruptive on Friday, prior to getting kicked out.

The facility’s executive director wrote in a report that Brown was being discharged after 113 days of treatment “for breaking program rules and not following through with items listed on his signed behavioral contract.”

On the laundry list of Brown’s defiant acts were “initially disregarding a request for a drug test, standing close enough to a female client that their elbows and hands touched, and mocking the program during a ‘morning reflections’ session,” according to People. (The female proximity was an issue because Brown was under a special order to remain at least two feet away from all women at the facility because of the 2009 Rihanna attack.)

In addition, the report states that Chris Brown “drew a reflection card that mentioned excelling and being good at things. When reading his card, Mr. Brown chose to add his own words to the card, stating that, ‘I am good at using guns and knives.’

“Another client asked if he was serious about this goal,” the report adds, with Brown answering, “‘Of course,’ while shaking his head no.”

In other words, Chris Brown was disregarding rules and not taking the rehab program seriously. That did not sit well with Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin, who seems to be taking it very seriously.

Here’s a video of the judge issuing his decision followed by a transcript of what he says:

“First, with regards to the context, it;s clear to me from reading the incident report from the program, the program’s concerned about the defendant’s non-compliance and inability to follow program rules. But, I’m particularly troubled by the fact that, in addition to the non-compliance with their local regulations, that there was a statement that was allegedly made by the defendant during the ‘Morning Reflections’ where, when reading the card, Mr. Brown chose to add his own words to the cards, stating that, ‘I am good at using guns and knives.’

“I think that the program representatives were troubled by this as well, and I think that’s probably why he was discharged from the program. As I indicated in our last appearance, that program was in essence a safety net, and when he’s not in the program, I have concerns about the defendant’s ability, or inability, to stay out of trouble pending the formal hearing. So, with regards to your pending request that the defendant be released to a different program, that request is respectfully denied. The defendant is remanded, no bail, pending the hearing.”

From TMZ:

So Chris will sit in jail until April 23. The judge wants Chris in the slammer until a D.C. jury decides if Chris committed criminal assault in an unrelated case. That trial is set for April 17 and should only last a few days. It’s unclear if the judge will let Chris back to attend the trial.

The L.A. judge will hold a probation violation hearing on April 23, and if Chris is convicted in D.C. he’s in big trouble. Worst case scenario … he could be sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating probation in the Rihanna case. One of the conditions — obey all laws.

Perhaps Chris Brown should turn this negative into a positive and start filming his own reality show. May we recommend the title Brown Is The New Orange?

Chris Brown Is The New Orange - Orange Is The New Black parody

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