Leah Messer and Corey Simms reportedly hooked up ‘recently’


On this season of Teen Mom 2, exes Leah Messer and Corey Simms are seriously at odds about the care and custody of their twin daughters. That’s why a new report about their “recent hookup” seems to have come out of nowhere.

“Leah recently had sex with Corey in the back of his work truck,” a source told InTouch. “She was just supposed to meet with him to talk about their daughters, not have sex!”

Worse yet, both Leah and Corey are in relationship: She is dating trainer T.R. Dues following her divorce from Jeremy Calvert. And Corey is expecting his first child with wife Miranda Simms. The source continued, “He’s admitted the affair to Miranda. It’s a huge mess and all their friends know about it.”

Now, this is one report that should be taken with a major grain of salt. Beside the custody battle, Leah and Corey haven’t exactly had good things to say about each other in recent months. Another source also said Corey “vehemently denies” the affair with Leah.

In the same edition of the magazine, an insider revealed cops have their eyes on Leah after receiving reports she was endangering her daughters by letting them ride in the car without car seats. After that was first reported, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup added she’s heard from a “very good production source” that there was concern for Leah’s treatment of her daughters before she went to rehab earlier this year.

“MTV had to step in and stop filming several times because it was too unsafe to have the kids riding around the car unbuckled,” the source said. “As far as I know, [production] had to go purchase car seats for the kids.”

The source said both Corey and Jeremy are concerned about the welfare of their daughters when the girls are in Leah’s care.

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