Joanna Krupa featured in tickle fetish video with Joe Millionaire runner up

Joanna Krupa has showed face on plenty of magazines around the globe and while her career is currently booming, there was a time when she was just starting out and did some rather.. questionable things. The Real Housewives of Miami star even starred in a bondage film with another reality star — and we’ve got the odd FOOTage.

In the two-minute clip, Joanna and Sarah Kozer, who went on to finish runner-up on the reality romance competition Joe Millionaire, play the part of two nurses, Regina Bartkowski and Cindy Schubert, who take turns tying each other up and tickling each other all over. At one point, a man (who doesn’t reveal his face) gets in on the action, tickling them both.

Joanna Krupa tickle fetish bondage video

No Shoes No Mercy was released on VHS in 2003 and features twelve total models in the 60-minute video. The description reads, “What happens when a tickle-prone girl is hogtied and tantalized by fun- loving fiends? You could ask Roxanne Chadwick, Trixie Lovett, Nicolette Foster, Sadie Belle or Fantasia Ferrer for an answer – but you’d have to wait until they stopped struggling and squealing! Sexy nurses Cindy Schubert and Regina Bartkowski also succumb to tickle fever when their stockinged feet are elevated and subjected to tormenting treatment, while petite Justine Romero squirms under the ruthless fingers of a diabolical tickler!”

It doesn’t look like Joanna did much else of this nature, but if she did, it’s sure to come out soon. How crazy is it that two tickle fetish video partners both go on to star in reality TV? Weird. Check out the video below — if you’re into that sort of thing.

Top Photo: Ryan/